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3 Reasons to Get Into Anime Gaming as an Anime Fan

Without a doubt, there are tons of people who play games and watch anime at the same time. However, sadly, a lot of them don’t seem to focus that much on anime games. You don’t really hear about anime games all that much, and it’s for good reason. Anime games simply aren’t as popular as normal games.

I’m here to convince you that there is more to this corner of the world than meets the eye. They’ve certainly gained popularity over the years, but here are reasons why I thi
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Why You Should Play Omega Strikers as AMERICA Anime Fan
I have been playing Omega Strikers for a few days, and it is actually quite enjoyable.
Omega Strikers is a competitive online game created by adding combat elements to the ice hockey game, such as actually hitting enemies with punches and feet. Playing this game reminds me of the Nekketsu Kunio Hockey game on Famicom I played a very long time ago.


Since it is a game made in the Western, and from my point of view who has played anime games s