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Snacks, Junk Foods and Fast Foods perfect for gamers
What do you eat while gaming, or not eating at all? In these days, I sometimes eat fruits like apples, snack like potato chips but usually I don't eat that often because I need to focus on the game since in these days I mostly play PvP games that needs a concentration for a long time.

But many years ago especially when I played MMORPG on PC, usually grinding and farming games, yes I ate somewhat a lot more such as instant ramen (noodle), humburger, coke all together lol they were my favorite
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4 Best Fast Paced PvP Games of 2022
Introducing 4 fast paced PvP games that are faster than normal battle royale or other normal games!



Fate/EXTELLA Link is the fastest paced pvp game I've ever played. In this game, the character is always flying. So even moving is very fast paced. There is a combo system, so you can attack continuously until your opponent dies. However, I have seen people who quit because they were rather tired of it because it was too fast p