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Kurtzpel Character Creation of AEGxJotaku

Well, I used to be PC gamer for more than 10 years but PlayStation 4 temporarily stopped me from playing PC games for last few years... anyways,
I tried Kurtzpel for few hours and its combat system is way better than I expected.

The depth of character customization is similar to Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, and overall gameplay is somwhat similar to mobile games', that is, you start at a city and go through each level of dungeon for leveling up, come back to city upon compl
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Few things I hope to change in the game - Super Mecha Champions Review
Well this isn't positive and ordinary writing about SMC. I do like the game, and also do think that the most parts of the games are fun I like.However, for human it is natural to have some feelings like missing points right. This is just a little bit things about what I hope to change.

1. Gameplay is kinds of uncomplex in terms of skill number, making gameplays being simple.

I feel like mechas are in lack of skills. I mean, the number of skills. They usually have 4 skills, but in most case
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A few things to know if you're soloing on squad
Of course you can solo in solo mode, but I understand that it's kinds of boring since teamfight is never allowed there.
Therefore, if you frequently solo on squad, you will need to utilize it a lot in order to avoid unfair cases.

You can only leave the game without penalty if you leave while in waiting room. You don't have to leave immediately even if there is no allies. Wait until counter goes below 10 seconds left. If luck you will get other 2 people. If not luck, you can then leave if no one