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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Kureha Elite Guide

Do you want to master Kureha? This guide will make you master Kureha by just reading it! You will just need to practice a little as directed in the documentation. It will help you save a lot of times.

Kureha has a rocket launcher which will CC your enemy with Plasma Burst, which let you make some beautiful combo upon successful CC, and some skills in each weapons that will boost your stats a little in offense and defense.

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Going indepth about certain skills in TDM/FFA
Currently updating this post with more info
  • Tactical Roll (Level 3)
- This skill allows your weapon to automatically reload within a roll, however if a certain character is using a level 3 version they can provide damage to the opponent. If the opponent HP is low enough you might get a kill with the skill!

- Characters that have Tactical Roll (Level 3) 
  • Klei