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Ari from OKAGE Shadow King (Revamped)
It's been re-released for the PS4, but nothing much changed except a bit of the graphics
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The Duration of every version from Temp Attack & Defense Boost
Remember that if you get Knocked out the effect will cancel out!
  • Temp Attack & Defense Boost (After Super Attack) [Ghouls, Investigator, Quinxs]: 15 Second
Using the Super Attack will refresh the duration
  • Temp Attack & Defense Boost (Low Health) [Quinxs]: 30 Seconds
  • Temp Attack & Defense Boost (Healing/Reviving Allie) [Investigators, Quinxs]: 30 Seconds
Healing/Reviving Allie will refresh the durati
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How to survive from Noble Phantasm
If your enemy doesn't have "Supreme Strike" skill, you can survive from Noble Phantasm only if you are in Moon Drive mode. 
About 20% of your HP will remain after.

However, I don't recommend doing this unless it's about the time that the match ends Food
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[Point Match Guide] How many Points earn from Dragon Orphan/Player Kill
This guide is still a W.I.P. still need some more info

Dragon Orphan's have heavy damage that can take 35% of your health. (25% upon bind attack) Be mindful when your not fight one!
Dragon Orphan's have a rare chance to drop a Blue Orb (Stamina Suppressant)!
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Reasons why you want to play anime games over western games
Well, it's tedious to talk about a difference between anime games and western games is just a character looking like anime vs real, so we will skip mentioning more about this point.

We will more focus on actual gameplay difference. I hope it could be a reason why you want to play anime games for their uniqueness's.

If you think there exists own uniqueness's for each of any games regardless of anime games, and yes, that's right. 
At the same time, we found a tendency that frequently happens in
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Senran Kagura: Estival Versus' DLC removed from the market

It is said that Senran Kagura's DOA-related DLC will be no longer available.
It looks like a DLC related to appearance.
Of course it's not a good news. For conjecture reasons, if DOA's character appears in the Senran Kagura game, which was expelled from Sony, TECMO who created the DOA may have judged that the image of DOA game brand could be deteriorated. So, the license may not have been extended, or it may just be because there was
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How to make Eydis -Synthesis Ten- from Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel
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Looks like Kokau Slash can even protect ultimate
i tested only a bit against few players, but it looks like kokaku slash with 100% protection up can actually block even special move. can anyone confirm this?