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Favorite SAO game OSTs
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You can ask anything about the game here!
Feel free to ask.
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Genshin Impact, the example of successful case in the market as an anime game
It is a good time to discuss about Genshin Impact, the new anime MMORPG game.


Genshin Impact makes lots of new players placed at top #3 among all PlayStation games, although it doesn't have its anime series. 
Let's look at the result of the survey we did on this part (https://forms.gle/Nw9CsEjqZsVotNG78)


For the 2nd question about "Can anime game succeed without its anime series?", people are divided to half on
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My Favorite Anime Game Streamers
(image credit : TLG)

Not only his gaming skills being exceptional, TLG is also very funny guy.

I don't get annoying nor boring while watching his contents because he repects his audiences, does not use use bad words (except very few cases but its purpose is to make audiences feel fun), and sometimes he makes some strange voices that are generally fun.

He also goes very details about any knowledge he knows. 

Unlike many anime game st
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Best Sword Art Online Game
Are you new to Sword Art Online games, but having a problem which to buy?

If you google with a keyword like "best sword art online games", all the answers you get are something like "Depends on your taste", "It depends".
We don't think these are helpful answers.

However, statistics and data always show the truth. In this document, we won't give our own personal opinions and personal recommendation to each of SAO games. We only look at the data which would prove what is real "best sword art onl
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What eSports game should you play?
What eSports game should you play? We recommend that you choose eSports games that you are the most passionate about. 
However, later you will also need to consider difficulty levels of the eSports tournaments, because just being passionate will not make you succeed if there exists thousands of player who are also passionate about the game you play. It's still better to get some rewards from smaller tournaments than being left nothing in bigger tournaments.

[b]Here is a list of some eSports
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Seriously who gonna play Takaki San's new game, Project GAMM?
If you do so yeah let's make elite esports team with me. For that game yeah I probably want to play hard again since I haven't played anime games that hard recently.
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QFighter Game (Mangafighter/Qpang)
QFighter is an online multiplayer fast paced third-person shooter with an anime / manga feel to it. Players will join other combatants in a 3D manga-style world, with multiple modes of combat and a variety of character customization options. Players can choose from and switch between the six characters at any time. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses. QFighter is a private server for a game called QPang, also known as MangaFighter , popular in the Netherlands from around 2008 unt
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Gundam game is now supported on eSports market
Usually for anime games, only 1vs1 fighting game have survived in esports area, supported by some organizations such as Evo or ESL, for anime games like BlazBlue Undecided However...


ESL recently started a pro league service for an anime game called Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON. It is 2vs2 game having smaller scale than massive combat like 4vs4 SAOFB, and also has less weeb component, which is equ
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Does generating Youtube-only contents actually help people increase gaming skills?
Does generating Youtube-only contents actually help people increase gaming skills?
My answer: 50%. It is just because watching videos is not the most effective, natural and time-saving way to learn something as a standalone tool.

As you see our major contents is many written professional gaming guides around the games, which in many times they come with supporting material like images and videos. However, if you wonder if it ever helps comparing to watching only on some random Youtube/else vide