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How to easily get Kishou Arima -Quinque Shards- (UPDATED)
NOTICE: This guide will only give you Quinque Shards not Chunks, and you may not always be given the shards first go. You can also gain them through PvP!
Looking for how to defeat Kishou Arima easy? Click this link: https://www.animeesports.com/showthread.php?tid=891

[Video: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D07MrvkPyhw]
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How to get SSS on every missions easily.
This is very simple.
Just buy speed boost item on shop and attach it to your jet. With little effort, you can easily get SSS on every missions.
And try to raise your jet to move faster whenever possible, and try avoiding hitting any walls that will decrease your speed shortly.
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How to quickly get Weapon ult (co-op/TDM)
When a player applies a buff to themselves/teammate or a debuff to an opponent a medal will appear on the top left screen, if two players are quickly pressing Triangle to encourage this will fill up the medal bar quickly also including your weapon ult!

In co-op however you will lose the weapon ult if you get down.

Also I think that within PvP weapon ult duration are reduced much shorter than in story mode/co-op
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"This is how I got Top #1 in pro league w2021"

AEG was formed back in 2018 and have been playing anime games competitively in last few years, and today we want to introduce some noticeable players, whom we have discovered so far whose gaming skills are exceptional, but not only that, also along with their strong passions on anime games! They are the winners of AEG Pro League 2021 Winter Season!

[b]We really hope that you subscribe their livestreams. Your supports on them will greatly improve anime gaming area.[/
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How to get Alpha Coins?
Based in the Steam version, released on March 25, 2021
The Alpha Coins are the secondary coin in the game, this means that the Alpha Coins can be used to differentes things like Mecha's skins, pilot's skins, and consumables. This "secondary" also means that is the second free coin of the game.
[size=small][font=Verdana]First of all, let's to learn "[u]How to get Al
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3 Reasons to Get Into Anime Gaming as an Anime Fan

Without a doubt, there are tons of people who play games and watch anime at the same time. However, sadly, a lot of them don’t seem to focus that much on anime games. You don’t really hear about anime games all that much, and it’s for good reason. Anime games simply aren’t as popular as normal games.

I’m here to convince you that there is more to this corner of the world than meets the eye. They’ve certainly gained popularity over the years, but here are reasons why I thi
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5 Easiest Esports to Get Into in [current-year]
5 Easiest Esports to Get Into in 2024

Esports, in recent years, has become the leading entertainment for many, even beating out television for specific demographics. But we can’t forget that all of this fame overnight as it was the combined effort of the community, which has grown in leaps and bounds. It might now be the best out there, but it is the most welcoming by a wide margin, which is why ma
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Where to Get VR Games for Oculus Quest 2 in 2023?
Where to Get VR Games for Oculus Quest 2 in 2023?

Embark on the grand odyssey of virtual reality, seeking immersive digital realms with your Oculus Quest 2? Unearth a universe of games by deciphering where to get VR games for Oculus Quest 2, the digital golden question. Prepare your pixelated passport as we venture into the top 3 cyber storefronts, the gaming galaxies that play host to the very best in VR
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Long-Awaited Adaptation: Will 'Goodnight Punpun' Get an Anime?

Hello, fellow manga lovers! ❤️? Do you know about the super-awesome and touching 'Goodnight Punpun' by the talented Inio Asano? There's been lots of chit-chat going around about whether our cherished manga might morph into a super-cool anime! ?? Isn't that super-exciting? ?

Even though there's no official news yet, so many fans are crossing their fingers and toes, hoping for the big announcement! The big question is, can the really deep story and all the feels from 'Goodn
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Get Hyped as Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour 2023-2024 Finally Begins!!
Get Hyped as Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour 2023-2024 Finally Begins!!

Figure 1. Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour 2023-2024

The gaming industry is truly a mixed box of surprises, as it is quite rare we get to see a studio rise from mediocrity for one of the most honest and bombastic ga