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Hi guys~ If you came to this website via Google Search, please see this!
Hi guys, since we lost our PS community which was our main resource that advertised this website since Sony decided to terminate PS community service, I really want to see that if there are any anime people who found this website through Google search (or any other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc). For that reason, currently we are mainly focusing on Google search visibility.

If you came to this community via Google or any other search engines, please reply in this thread and say me hello
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5 Best Anime Games on Google Play in [current-year]
5 Best Anime Games on Google Play in 2022

Times have changed since the early 1990’s when we could only get video games on consoles or overpriced computers. Nowadays, the biggest gaming market is android or smartphone gaming. It allows anyone anywhere to play any game they want. This has led many to cash into this market, it started with basic games, but with the advancement in the users and technology, now s