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AEG Pro League for SAO:FB has been created
We will have AEG Pro League for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet on Friday 10PM ET, Every Week.
Hope you join if possible!
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Each character has their own weapon memory chip
I'm not going through all of them but if you want to see the weapon memory chips just press square on the character you have selected, this should show you their stats, keep pressing square until their weapon stats are shown (they'll be one per page).

For example Kureha has auto-reload rate for her Deneb Kaitos (Rocket launcher) sometimes giving her six shots before reloading instead of three

As for Kirito he deals additional damage if he hits a player behind and when HP is low, but Kiriko
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The website of Project GAMM has opened!
Hi guys, Producer Kenichiro Takaki and Cygames have opened the website for their new anime game project, Gamm has opened!

The website supports both the English and Japanese. Usually, Takaki-san working under Marvelous he didn't support english at core level. Than means, English version of his games always released a lot later than Japanese release. Also there was no global server where any people in the world could play together. This was crucial to anime
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Kurtzpel: Has a Unique Point but Barrier to Newcomers due to Infinite Combo
Kurtzpel is very good game, except few points I felt that it has some barrier to newcomer to play the game's PvP, which I personally felt as a newcomer. Sorry if this post makes you somewhat uncomfortable... but this is really just my personal thoughts. Hope you can take with a grain of salt.

I play 2 games on pc, one is Super Mecha Champions (SMC) and the another one is Kurtzpel. I started Kurtzpel PvE first, then SMC, then Kurtzpel PvP after a month. I am basically a beginner to both 2 games'
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Why the Latest Patch of Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker has Destroyed the Competitive Scene
Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker is the latest in the long line of multiplayer battle games based on the popular Naruto franchise by a Japanese anime studio, Studio Pierrot. Most people have enjoyed the game, and its online community has been growing and thriving since it was first released in late September 2018.
That all changed with the recent release of a new patch for the game last week that has somehow managed to destroy the competitive aspect of one of gaming's most beloved series in rec
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Why Has Eternal Return Been Unsuccessful to Grow as an Esports Game?
Why Has Eternal Return Been Unsuccessful to Grow as an Esports Game and What Can Others Learn From It?

Eternal Return recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary on 11th October. Shortly after, they are holding their Arena tournament with viewer count on Twitch remaining between 300-500. For a game that has seen constant tournaments by the developers, they have failed to gain much attraction. The game is currently in its 7th Season with various tournaments of different
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Your Esports Dream of Dragon Ball FighterZ in 2022: How Is It Going
Your Esports Dream of Dragon Ball FighterZ in 2022: How Is It Going


[size=large]Dragon Ball is an anime that almost every kid and adult has watched. There have been legendary games that Bandai Namco has come forward with over the course of many years such as the Budokai series. They may not have been esports titles but they set the scale for upcoming fighting anime games very h