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[NA/PS4] Z type weapon help needed - sword art online fatal bullet multiplayer
I am a level 185 looking for strong players to assist me in my z type missions i am able to make it to the NPCs solo but i am a healer/reviver so i can only do so much my nane is ZeroTwoSenko on ps4 mesdage me directly if you arr willing to aid me pls and thank you ^^ ~<3 mic id optional as i do not own one currently Big Grin
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Skill that can help against certain sword skill(s)
While you could use skill freeze shot to disable the sword skills temporally and stops the cooldown from recharging, however I found some skill that can help during combat:
  • Scatter Wheel
You jump within the air while doing a spin attack, if preformed at the right time you might be able to avoid:

  • Vorpal Strike (If target is distant from you)
  • Sharp Nail (As long as they don't jump and use the skill)
  • (Currently have NOT been
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[COMPLETE) Bounty rewards grind (needed help along with friend)
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with bounty. I am currently trying Baquiet of Chaos 3 and it takes me around 8 minutes to complete, however I need to do it twice just to make 1 mil

My bounty as of currently is: 88,573,225 110,878,675
I am hoping to reach 162,500,000

I currently got my bounty complete, however I am helping fredonm atm, if anyone still interested 

If no one is able to help
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Looking for Power Levelers who can help others
Hello, we are currently gathering max level players of following games who can help others to level up for an hour weekly or biweekly of your choice:
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

If you can help other people level up at any days you want but between 8pm ~ 12pm ET, only once weekly or biweekly, and at least an hour, please reply to this. Basically how you do is to create your room and help any people join in your room. We will advertise your session in our timetable sche