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If you experience lots of disconnection, read this please.
This is a guide for anyone experiencing few or many disconnections while in a PvP match.

[color=#c9622f][size=small][color=#454545][font=Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif]The game's multiplayer is P2P based system. And disconnection happens mostly because the distance between your system (PS4 or PC) and your modem (or router), not because of t
Author: Scoobert2000 - Replies: 1 - Views: 6679
[PvP Guide] How to tell if a player is Awaken or in Rampage State
  • Awaken State
They should't have a grey cloud/"fire" surrounding the character, they may end up using it when they are about to get hit from a Super Attack/Low on Health/etc.
If your playing as a Investigator or Quinxs, throw a CRc Gas. This will suppress the Ghoul's Awaken State

[Image: https://i.ibb.co/Q8yNLVW/ezgif-6-27f8940b07d3.gif]
  • Rampage
Author: Jotaku - Replies: 0 - Views: 4617
How to be a pro gamer
There are already a ton of video games out there in the world, some of which may be competitive video games that you like.
You really liked the video game, and of course you've played it incredibly hard at a pro gamer level.

Still, if you couldn't be a pro gamer, then why? it can be following reasons:
1. Your livestream didn't thrive because you focused on playing games only.
2. Despite thriving your livestream, basically the game's population is so small that there are no tournaments, o
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Hi guys~ If you came to this website via Google Search, please see this!
Hi guys, since we lost our PS community which was our main resource that advertised this website since Sony decided to terminate PS community service, I really want to see that if there are any anime people who found this website through Google search (or any other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc). For that reason, currently we are mainly focusing on Google search visibility.

If you came to this community via Google or any other search engines, please reply in this thread and say me hello
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What if we create group power leveling/Item Farming schedule?
Currently, many anime games are being developed in the form of MMORPGs. For example, Blue Protocol is.
Therefore, even if there is PvP content in the anime games we play, leveling and item farming will inevitably become essential elements to become strong in PvP as the most MMORPG requires leveling and item farming. For example, Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet avatar mode does, and also Kurtzpel does. They both requires leveling and farming. I am unsure of Project GAMM and Blue Protocol, but perha
Author: Jotaku - Replies: 1 - Views: 7130
[Battle Royale/Doomlight] Shielded Sniper



The build focuses on attacking distant opponents in a wide field using sniper weapons, while at the same time ensuring a win in 1vs1 dueling or small-scaled battles using Doomlight if you suddenly get caught up in a close-range fight.


  1. Cryo Gun may be replaced with Hydra Missile in the second half of the battle with less than 20 players remain
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A few things to know if you're soloing on squad
Of course you can solo in solo mode, but I understand that it's kinds of boring since teamfight is never allowed there.
Therefore, if you frequently solo on squad, you will need to utilize it a lot in order to avoid unfair cases.

You can only leave the game without penalty if you leave while in waiting room. You don't have to leave immediately even if there is no allies. Wait until counter goes below 10 seconds left. If luck you will get other 2 people. If not luck, you can then leave if no one
Author: Jotaku - Replies: 1 - Views: 2046
What would be more important than playing anime games if you want anime esports
At this point, I think the most important thing is that you want to surround yourself with people who are interested in making anime esports if your main interest is making anime esports.

I think making anime esports is not only about playing anime games with others or playing very well in anime games, but more importantly be with a group of people interested in such idea. 

Playing games, making videos, etc are just a component which makes those games active, but that certainly doesn't make an