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Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist sold 900 copies during last 5 days on its 1st PS4 Sales
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/g70gQrC.png]

So during 5 days from March 27 to 31 when TG:CTE (Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist) wasn't on sales, it sold about only 100 copies.
However, during the latest 5 days from APR 1 to 5 when TG:CTE was on sales, it sold about 900 copies. This is 9 times more than usual.

During the same time APR 1 to 5, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet sold 2500 copies, but it is on 75% sale while TG:CTE is on 50% sale.
Additionally, Code vein sold 4700 copies during the s
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Realm Walker [LAST RESORT] (My OC)
One of three OC I made in 2019
The gender is Female, but had to go with the male base  Dodgy
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One Last Look at SMC in 2021, One of the Best Anime PvP Games
Friday/17 December/2021

[size=small][font=Verdana]Super Mecha Champions is one of the few games that NetEase introduced in the Steam catalog in March 2021. While there are more versions different from Steam, this version of the game gained popularity relatively quickly, given that it has been possible to see an increase in content creators (Streamers, YouTubers, etc.) with this game as a base, and conse
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Will SWORD ART ONLINE Last Recollection have PvP?
Hi, all~
As a member of Anime Esports Gaming and also as you being one of top Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet PvP players previously, we all want to make the esports scenes of SWORD ART ONLINE Last Recollection, right?

As all all know, we missed PvP content in SAOAL. But this time we really hope we don't miss this content.

I've searched quite a bit, but haven't been able to find any PvP related information yet.
If you can find this information, be sure to reply to this thread.

Perhaps if we do