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Looking for friends to play with for leveling up
Hello I newly started this game but things are getting very hard after getting to missions in 2nd map.
If you play this game, please let me know your ID so that I can add you into friend list.

Thank you very much.
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What if we create group power leveling/Item Farming schedule?
Currently, many anime games are being developed in the form of MMORPGs. For example, Blue Protocol is.
Therefore, even if there is PvP content in the anime games we play, leveling and item farming will inevitably become essential elements to become strong in PvP as the most MMORPG requires leveling and item farming. For example, Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet avatar mode does, and also Kurtzpel does. They both requires leveling and farming. I am unsure of Project GAMM and Blue Protocol, but perha