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List of Multiplayer Modes in Code Vein
So the wiki for the Code Vein released the information about multiplayer modes in Code Veins, but there is no PvP.


There seems to be only one game mode for Distress signals and guests", which is Co-op mode basically. 
Of course, there exists some rewards for completing PvE, such as titles and medals.

So the PvP is not confirmed, sorry for making some changes from previous inform
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my favourite anime list summer 2020
1. sao al War of Underworld
2. Re Zero 2nd Season
3. Black Clover
4. Muhyo and Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation

Document is sitlll updating! check later
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What's your SAO:FB Hero S Tier OP Characters (Deathmatch)?
I personally think Kirito, Kureha, Alice, Silica (in terms of the supporting) and one sniper dude (I don't remember the name) for Hero PvP.
But on top of it, one's gaming skill is way much more important though than characters. However, it is clear that Opness is also something that cannot be overlooked. Worth a discussion here.

You can vote your OP charactrers above as well.

What is your top OP characters for deathmatch mode?
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Anime Avatar Creator Games Online 2022
Anime Games that allow you to create your own anime characters (avatar) online:
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
Phantasy Star Online 2
Code Vein
Soul Worker
Genshin Impact
Tower of Fantasy

Among them, following games are the most popular anime avatar creator games according to best anime games database:
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
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List of Super Mecha Champions Characters and Abilities Guide
Table of Contents
  1. Ning
  2. Rom
  3. Joanna
  4. Ivan
  5. Iori
  6. Mila
  7. R.E.D
  8. Lillian
  9. [jump-to-section=Vita]Vita[/jump-to-sectio
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Super Mecha Champions Tier List Guide
In Super Mecha Champions, your performance is different depending on what mecha you use, as well as what kind of character you use, and also what module of mecha you use, plus tech slots.

Do you think changing some slots would make minor results that can be ignored? Personally I don't think so. Because many times I have experienced significant changes in my winrate by more than 10% by changing only few slots of module/tech/etc.

[b]Looking at simple tier list of mechas that are separated by sev
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A list of Strategies that Utilize Wickline Cunningly - UPDATING
1. Attack the enemy team that is chasing Wickline. This tactic is even better if the enemy team has already attacked the Wickline. If you look at the video below, it is a case of winning the team battle by catching the enemy team attacking the Wickline, even though the enemy team has a much better level, weapon level, and item than us.

[Video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1490634668]

[color=#e82a1f][b]This document will be updated as the OP realize other strategies as time goes by
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My Hero Ultra Rumble Tier List 2023

This tier list was created by Japanese players of My Hero Ultra Rumble.

I played about 15 matches witrh Kendo (lowest tier in the picture) yesterday and won about only 3 times on ranked match. Well, I did felt she is weak while playing, and finally understood why she has been lowest ranked in this chart lol

Main reason was there was no difference between her normal attack and L1 skill in terms of damage and attack range, making her L1 skill useless for counterattack after su