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List of Multiplayer Modes in Code Vein
So the wiki for the Code Vein released the information about multiplayer modes in Code Veins, but there is no PvP.


There seems to be only one game mode for Distress signals and guests", which is Co-op mode basically. 
Of course, there exists some rewards for completing PvE, such as titles and medals.

So the PvP is not confirmed, sorry for making some changes from previous inform
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To do list
1. Introduce external communities such as PSN, Steam, etc in the top pannel

2. Make a forum where people can post the photo of their anime game characters

3. Consider changing to NodeBB

4. Fix Donate button

5. A link to announcement forum
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New Yandere Manga List (2020-2021)
Did you think you could escape from me after reincarnation, niisan?


Would this female beat Gasai Yuno the Legend? We will see. This is yandere isekai manga.
Similar story to "Boku to Kanojo no Tenseiru Isekai" below, that a male continuously gets yandere
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my favourite anime list summer 2020
1. sao al War of Underworld
2. Re Zero 2nd Season
3. Black Clover
4. Muhyo and Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation

Document is sitlll updating! check later
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New Isekai Manga List (2020-2021)
This document is about introducing you all the isekai mangas that are released since 2020 up to current.
This document may also include reverse-isekai, that involves character came from isekai world to the earth.

Live Dungeon!

A Japanese male who used to be a top player of a game has sent to the world of the game he plays, which is isekai-like fantasy world. What makes this manga different to other isekai mangas is that any fights happen in dungeon is broadca
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New Fantasy Manga List 2020
Hi, this is not isekai, but pure fantasy mangas!
If you look for isekai mangas that is released after 2020, check this!

Kinka 1-mai de Kawaru Boukensha Seikatsu

An young street begger met a female elf whose the rank of adventurer is very high, and strong. She gave him a 1 gold, which let the male character buy the equipment in order to change his current life to a
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New Non-nsfw NTR Manga List (2020-2021)
This document doesn't include NSFW NTR (Netorare) manga.

Non-adult NTR mangas are so rare and very hard to find, so I wanted to introduce you guys any non-nsfw NTR mangas here.
In this document we don't care about the success of revenge, nor we care about whether the victim decides to revenge or not. But we only care that only single NTR moment happened in the manga, that is, the moment of betrayal from the beloved one in opposite sex.

[size=large][b]Hametsu no Kanoj
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New Betrayal / Revenge Manga List (2020-2021)
[Image: https://media0.giphy.com/media/VVqUUvtKLrxe0/giphy.gif]
In this document, we go through the list of whole betrayal / revenge mangas that are either ongoing or released since 2020 up to current!
If either one of betrayal or revenge does not appear, then such manga will be excluded from the list. We only focus on the mangas that involves both 2 cases together in this document.

The strongest brave who craves revenge, extinguish with the power of darkness
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What's your SAO:FB Hero S Tier OP Characters (Deathmatch)?
I personally think Kirito, Kureha, Alice, Silica (in terms of the supporting) and one sniper dude (I don't remember the name) for Hero PvP.
But on top of it, one's gaming skill is way much more important though than characters. However, it is clear that Opness is also something that cannot be overlooked. Worth a discussion here.

You can vote your OP charactrers above as well.

What is your top OP characters for deathmatch mode?
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List of Online Anime Avatar Games 2021
Anime Games that allow you to create your own anime characters (avatar):
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
Phantasy Star Online 2
Code Vein
Soul Worker
Genshin Impact

Among them, following games are the most popular games according to best anime games database:
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
Genshin Impact

[b]Anime Games that allow you to modify existing