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Im Daisy and just looking for some people to play league of legends (EUW) with… 
I just started and am around lvl 14.
I used to play 1,5 years ago (quit because i had my exams last year) but want to start all over again. Smile
I hope someone is interested and can help me. XD

account name: DaisyAimi
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[Defense, Sniper] lol Stealth Sniper (lol27273)

A sneaky sniper build for PvP focusing the success rate of powerful sniper shot.

Heal pet and 2x combo card is an option that can be replaced by your own choice.

  • Use stealth card in order to be safe or to remove condition.
  • Use ice cards to frozen enemy and shot with sniper.
  • When to heal, check if everything is safe around you. Use stealth or barrier prior to heal.
  • When your enemy is in barrier,
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Some tips about Corona virus (covid-19) lol

Well I was in South Korea just few weeks ago, where is ranked at top 4 in the world in terms of the number of people infected, so let me just share what is the most recommended to prevent it there.

1. Use KF94 mask or 3 layer mask that has waterproof that prevent spits or N95 mask (You can get them on ebay.com). KF94/N95 will work better than 3 layer. In any case, normal cheap cotton mask won't work because they can't prevent spits. Discard each mask if you used for 3 days
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GeForce vs Radeon lol

Why we should buy Radeon over GeForce?
Because AMD officially (?) supports anime Heart

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Crazy dog lol (video)
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I prefer 4vs4 LoL mode the most, how about you?
Vote above, please!

Hi guys I am new to Kurtzpel PvP started few weeks ago. Since then I played various kinds of PvP existing in Kurtzpel.

Sad thing is that I liked LoL mode the most among them, but since PvP isn't really active in this game, it looks like only 2vs2 is playable in the most time. 

Reason is simply because lots of drama happens in this map type, plus less combat involvement but more strategy since I am noob!

Which game mode do you like the most? I want to see the resul