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Genshin Impact, the example of successful case in the market as an anime game
It is a good time to discuss about Genshin Impact, the new anime MMORPG game.


Genshin Impact makes lots of new players placed at top #3 among all PlayStation games, although it doesn't have its anime series. 
Let's look at the result of the survey we did on this part (https://forms.gle/Nw9CsEjqZsVotNG78)


For the 2nd question about "Can anime game succeed without its anime series?", people are divided to half on
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Senran Kagura: Estival Versus' DLC removed from the market

It is said that Senran Kagura's DOA-related DLC will be no longer available.
It looks like a DLC related to appearance.
Of course it's not a good news. For conjecture reasons, if DOA's character appears in the Senran Kagura game, which was expelled from Sony, TECMO who created the DOA may have judged that the image of DOA game brand could be deteriorated. So, the license may not have been extended, or it may just be because there was
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Gundam game is now supported on eSports market
Usually for anime games, only 1vs1 fighting game have survived in esports area, supported by some organizations such as Evo or ESL, for anime games like BlazBlue Undecided However...


ESL recently started a pro league service for an anime game called Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON. It is 2vs2 game having smaller scale than massive combat like 4vs4 SAOFB, and also has less weeb component, which is equ