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[VOTE] Weekly PvP match for EU region for TGCTE?
Might think of creating 8PM or 10PM CET (same as Berlin time in German) section for weekly PvP match for EU region, but how many of you need it?
It will only proceed if the number of agree gets greater than or equal to 4, excluding me.
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Weekly PvP Clan Match Schedule Updated
We have added the sections for Senran Kaugra: Peach Beach Splash (10PM ET Friday Every Week) and Fate/EXTELLA Link (10PM ET Monday Every Week), both for PS4 platform.

Make sure to check them out!
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[Point Match Guide] How many Points earn from Dragon Orphan/Player Kill
This guide is still a W.I.P. still need some more info

Dragon Orphan's have heavy damage that can take 35% of your health. (25% upon bind attack) Be mindful when your not fight one!
Dragon Orphan's have a rare chance to drop a Blue Orb (Stamina Suppressant)!
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Weekly PvP Match Adjustment
Hello, we are closing Weekly PvP Match sections for Fate/EXTELLA Link due to very low population less than 3 people appeared during its matches multiple times.

Thank you very much for your participations in Fate/EXTELLA Link!
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Weekly PvP Match for Kandagawa Jet Girls is added!
Our new weekly PvP match section for Kandagawa Jet Girls will start from Aug 28th 2020!
Matches held by us will be very hot, competitive, and always populated. Hope you can play with us!

We hope you actively join and show us your anime souls! Thank you very much.
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Cancellation of Weekly PvP Match on Sunday, August 30 for TG:CTE
Due to the host's own work, weekly PvP match for Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist on Sunday, August 30 has been cancelled. But we continue in following week as usual.

Thank you very much for the participation!
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How to reach out of bounds area in Point Match Maps!!
Traplord Gianni shows all gameplay for Underground Passage & Auction Wearhouse (He also mentions/show how to reach out of bounds)

[Video: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXSDUyALfSY]

How to reach blocked off area in Auction Wearhouse
[Video: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhIMJ2E7CYw]

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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Itsuki Elite Guide
This is based off of what I currently know, this guide may be changed within the future.

Itsuki has many skills that can assist the the team helping them hit their target. His gadgets can help him get closer to a down player without being seen or to
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Sword Art Online Fatal bullet: Hero PvP Rank match
The days(s) I play: Monday
Weekly (Unless I have something to do on Tuesday that requires me to head to bed early)
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
Going to be hosting Hero PvP Rank match, but requires up to 8 players for game to start