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[Defense, Grenade Launcher] Nade Burst (BurningHelios)

A burst build for PvP with great damage focusing on land combat, especially powerful in domination.

All offense cards except pets are options that can be replaced by your own choice.

  • Use dolphin pet in close to medium range of fight.
  • Use Yozakura to remove enemy barrier, or with grenade boosted by Ryobi, you can blow up most of barrier by just one-shot.
  • The most harmful conditional nerfs to grenade
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How to dodge dropping nade, very useful technique in PvP
If you play CCG, you can dodge as soon as throwing gadgets so that it drops exact location you were before dodging. This is very effective in any kinds of close fight. Plus the ending result is that you have chance to make an attack and enemy get staggered by your dropped nade after your dodge.