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New Year Incoming!
So with 2019 quickly approaching, do any of you have any New Year's resolutions? Got anything you need to rectify in your life?

I sure need to put more effort into everything I do.

Hunter S Thompson — "Anything worth doing, is worth doing right."
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New guy here!!
Hi everyone, I just got into the senran kagura games last Christmas.

I might get kandagawa jet gurls. (Is it good?)

If any one want to do some online let me know.

Psn - pauliepablo1
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New eSports Teams [current-year]
As of 2024, new eSports teams are
GoldenDragon [US],
WolfPack [EU],
... More in the ranking table above!

Are you looking for new Esports Teams?
If you are looking for the public best esports team that anyone can join, rather than an esports team that only a few people can join like NRG or FaZe, you have come to the right place!

The above teams are the new Esports teams selected through the gaming competition of Anime Esports called AEG Pro League, and also some other l
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Seriously who gonna play Takaki San's new game, Project GAMM?
If you do so yeah let's make elite esports team with me. For that game yeah I probably want to play hard again since I haven't played anime games that hard recently.
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New Anime Online Games 2021
We introduce New Anime Online Games released in 2021, or will release soon including 2022.

Super Mecha Champions
Windows, Android, iOS

[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbpI9Ks1Nf0&t=587s]

Super Mecha Champion is the first Anime Battle Royale game. If you used to play games like Fortnite and want to play it in anime graphic, this is your choice.

Guilty Gear: Strive
Windows, PS4, PS5

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Super Mecha Champions Battle Royale Guide for New Players
Based on the Steam version, released on March 25, 2021
In this guide will appear mostly tips about the gameplay of Battle Royale in SMC, since there are no rules that mark that what appears in this "guide" is what has to be done to the letter :v

[font=Verdana]Preparation for Departure
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I got new Kurtzpel costumes!



Yay Sailor Moon style...
This costed me like 50 bucks but I am kinds of satisfied, anyways.
It wasn't gacha, anyways. You pay exact amount for what you want to have, which I kind of like.
Maybe next time I buy appearance change or something lol

Btw, all customes look like on sales!
Did you get any costumes? If so, why not post yours in the [url=https://www.animeesports.com/Forum-List-of-Kurtzpel-Character-Creation--264]Kurtzpel C
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Where might a new artist like me have here?
So sorry that I've been inactive lately, Been dealing with stuff. gaming a lot and lately trying to enter the world of anime drawings myself and even got a graphics tablet for it, Is AEG still active? Or growing? Cause, I might be able to whip up a few rookie-level anime sketches if given enough time for requests.
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PvPer's Review Upon Tower of Fantasy, New Anime Game with PvP Contents.
This game is very beautiful, characters, scenes, graphics, music, etc. Almost everything in this game are beautiful.
However, we will look into this game more from the perspective as PvP gamer. Let's dive into it.


1. Graphic is very good, while the game runs pretty fast during livestreaming (I use $1000 budget gaming PC bought around November 2021). This game has 2nd best graphic quality among all anime games by August 2022, probably Code Vein is the 1st. But assume this is m
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New Anime Games to play this Summer.
With summer now in full swing and the temperature rising to its peak for the year, it is the best time to stay inside and chill out with some of the finest anime games that have come out recently.

These games will not only keep you engaged with a thrilling story, narrative and spectacular gameplay but will also be highly replayable and offer you enough content to last you the remaining summer. They are available on steam, PS4/5 and the Nintendo switch So, let’s begin with a title that has been