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Steam Deck vs Nintendo Switch
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Ok, Valve (Steam) is launching a new handheld console that runs PC games in 2022 February for 399 USD.

It has a linux OS named Steam OS (alternative to Microsoft Windows), so you can browse many websites using Google Chrome. On linux, there are many tools you can use for free such as LibreOffice (Microsoft Office alternative), Kdenlive (Video editing tool like Adobe Premiere). Then what's the difference between this Linux thing and Windows? Well,
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3 Best Anime Games on Nintendo Switch in [current-year]
3 Best Anime Games on Nintendo Switch in 2023

Nintendo has always been the company that brought obscure anime-inspired or licensed games to the west. With the release of their latest console, the Switch, this has reached new heights. Five years after its launch, it gathered an impressive roster of anime games, both exclusive and non-exclusive. Given the ease of playing handheld, it is no surprise that it has ta
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5 Best PvP Games Nintendo Switch [current-year]
5 Best PvP Games Nintendo Switch 2023

Though often regarded as a platform for kids, the Nintendo Switch gaming console caters to some of the most badass PvP games ever created! The online PvP mode in these games provides some of the best top-notch fighting experiences to Switch users. Do you want to lock horns with online PvP opponents on your gaming console? Then without any further delay, chec