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If you experience lots of disconnection, read this please.
This is a guide for anyone experiencing few or many disconnections while in a PvP match.

[color=#c9622f][size=small][color=#454545][font=Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif]The game's multiplayer is P2P based system. And disconnection happens mostly because the distance between your system (PS4 or PC) and your modem (or router), not because of t
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Tales of Arise

New game Tales of Arise has been announced at E3 for a scheduled 2020 release date on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

It looks much improved in comparison to the last of the Series "Tales of Beseria" which is great.

Here is the trailer:

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YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world.
This got announced to be coming to the west very recently for PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. The release date is October 1st 2019.

For anyone up to date on the new seasons of anime, you will probably have watched this. Personally it's one of my favourites this season and they probably had it planned before releasing the anime, which is smart. A visual novel version seems nice.

Anyway back on topic, here is the trailer:

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List of Multiplayer Modes in Code Vein
So the wiki for the Code Vein released the information about multiplayer modes in Code Veins, but there is no PvP.


There seems to be only one game mode for Distress signals and guests", which is Co-op mode basically. 
Of course, there exists some rewards for completing PvE, such as titles and medals.

So the PvP is not confirmed, sorry for making some changes from previous inform
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My Favourite Music of Code Vein
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Take Hirako [Custom Character] Made by: SupaMika [TheMikarin of the Pierrot]
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My Top Favorite Games: Bloodborne & Shadow of the Colossus (PS4 Exclusive)
  • Shadow of the Colossus (PS2, PS3, PS4)
Shadow of the Colossus still remains one of my Top favorite games based off of the story
You can also get another game with it on PS3 called ICO
Sadly that game won't be out for the PS4 anytime soon.

  • Bloodborne [size=x-large](PS4)[/s
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The Duration of every version from Temp Attack & Defense Boost
Remember that if you get Knocked out the effect will cancel out!
  • Temp Attack & Defense Boost (After Super Attack) [Ghouls, Investigator, Quinxs]: 15 Second
Using the Super Attack will refresh the duration
  • Temp Attack & Defense Boost (Low Health) [Quinxs]: 30 Seconds
  • Temp Attack & Defense Boost (Healing/Reviving Allie) [Investigators, Quinxs]: 30 Seconds
Healing/Reviving Allie will refresh the durati
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I found 1 useful case of using Ukaku<Leap>
Use it to heal yourself by knocking down chasing enemy with ranged attack lol
It worked against Trap in Kaneki sometimes so it will probably work sometimes.

I don't see its particular use in offensive action because its ranged attack damage is so low and also knocking down makes enemy temporarily un-vulnerable.

CCG Tanker build worked better with Ukaku<Leap> than Ukaku because it has to have a way to survive when HP is too low as it is tanking build. Ukaku didn't make me successfully run
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Analysis of AEG Anime Gaming Clan in the view of its public exposure and marketing
Currently, there are 2 major ways how this community gets people:

1. Through PS Community
2. Through Google Search

So 1st way only targets PS4 gamers and is kinda obvious. So this article will talk about 2nd way.

Problem 1:
So I went deep on what kinds of people find this community through Google search and the results are there are people who find and visit here.
Most of them are PC users. And even among them, only few plays anime games.

Solution for Problem 1: