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Suggestions on Anime Forums
I guess long-term basis anime that has lots of fans should come to there.

Currently we have all the new animes but replace them with something like One piece would be something to consider so that more people have a knowledge to write something there.
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Expand subforums and make guide on esports
Expand subforums and make guide on esports so that pvp guide can be written.
do not forget main goal of this website is to help expanding anime game streamers, builds, guide so on.
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Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist sold 900 copies during last 5 days on its 1st PS4 Sales
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/g70gQrC.png]

So during 5 days from March 27 to 31 when TG:CTE (Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist) wasn't on sales, it sold about only 100 copies.
However, during the latest 5 days from APR 1 to 5 when TG:CTE was on sales, it sold about 900 copies. This is 9 times more than usual.

During the same time APR 1 to 5, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet sold 2500 copies, but it is on 75% sale while TG:CTE is on 50% sale.
Additionally, Code vein sold 4700 copies during the s
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Guide on how to hit well with rocket type in pvp
Your goal is to hit the ground where your enemy is standing, Not the enemy himself.

If you turn off auto aim, it would be good if you use keyboard/mouse to hit the ground. 

But if you use ps4 controller, it is very uneasy. Especially if your enemies moves very fast, your joystick just can't follow even though you set fastest camera movement in setting. 

So maybe it is better to turn on auto aim if you are ps4 player. But you can just jump and shot so that it will hit the ground. But act
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Why AEG does not focus on fighting games like Naruto, DBFZ at the moment?
Short answer is, we will, but not just right now.

Today, we will go through critical arguments pointed by other people in this community since beginning: why AEG does not focus on fighting anime games and some major anime games like Naruto, DBFZ.

Reason 1: AEG is new and small community that is hard to grow up with big games.
The most problem is that only single Youtuber can benefit from this kinds of fighting games so that they just don
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How to get SSS on every missions easily.
This is very simple.
Just buy speed boost item on shop and attach it to your jet. With little effort, you can easily get SSS on every missions.
And try to raise your jet to move faster whenever possible, and try avoiding hitting any walls that will decrease your speed shortly.
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Hardcore co-op on the ps4
I need help with  hardcore co-op  I need help getting high quality emeralds vso I con get to 50 million credits   I am at  43 million credits
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Kurtzpel Character Creation of AEGxJotaku

Well, I used to be PC gamer for more than 10 years but PlayStation 4 temporarily stopped me from playing PC games for last few years... anyways,
I tried Kurtzpel for few hours and its combat system is way better than I expected.

The depth of character customization is similar to Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, and overall gameplay is somwhat similar to mobile games', that is, you start at a city and go through each level of dungeon for leveling up, come back to city upon compl
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Tip on Shield Matrix (PvP Guide)
I might be wrong but to me Shield Matrix level 2 heals less HP than Shield Matrix level 3, however Shield Matrix level 3 has an explosive attack at the end.

The problem comes after the explosive attack, at it makes you vulnerable to attacks. (Seems like explosive attack occurs upon holding the skill for about 3 seconds)
So instead of doing the full skill, cancel it before the explosive attack and quickly dash left or right.

Im not sure how much damage the explosive attack does, I w
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Relationship between the patch on character appearance and online multiplayer
The topic we will discuss this time is when the game developer only updates patches related to the appearance of the game character.

In fact, many games are making updates related to the character appearance. However, in general, the actual game content other than that is also updated.

Personally, I think online multiplayer must be active in order to sell content related to character appearance well. Because there are a lot of people to show off their gorgeous costumes. In fact, many succe