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Best Anime Games of All Time (Rated By Anime Fans)
We provide ranking information of the best anime games of all time that are rated by many anime gamers for the best fairness, instead of providing an individual's subjective thoughts and opinions. We provide ranking information for 100 anime games above.

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  2. Best PvE Anime Games of All Time That Include Coop
  3. [jump-t
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How many of you want to play RANKED arena for AEG SAO:FB Hero PvP Pro League?
Currently, there are only about 8 applicants, so the possibility of a ranked match is expected to be slim, because not all of them can participate in biweekly.
However, if there are more than 10~12 applicants and it is assumed that at least 8 people can always participate in the promised pro league time, are you in favor of conducting pro league in ranked match for SAOFB Hero PvP?

You can reply below, and also vote above.
Thank you very much.