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What is your reason that makes you avoid using a forum in 2021?
During early of 2000's, actually forum was the best software when it comes to forming an online community.
Lots of people discussed on various topics, sharing each ideas. Sometimes it went insanely long discussion.

However, as time goes by, Facebook and Twitter happened to emerge around the late of 2000's, killing lots of forum websites.
And then around 2015, real-time application like Discord happened and even more killed forums. I am very unsure what will be coming next after Discord.

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Reason why anime might dominate future gaming
Well. This is ESL game support in 2016.


And now... 


Do you see the difference?
Yes! in the last 5 years the number of anime game support in esports area has increased, such as Pokemon, blazblue, undernight, gundam and so on in 2021 from 0 in 2016.
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Reason why PS group chats are closed
Hello, some people ask me why PS group chats are closed, so leaving the reasons there.

The PSN group was closed because (1) it rarely motivated people in ps chat into registering our website comparing to how much effort we have put into for a last year. (2) Also it hindered growing of AEG website as well becaue PS chat functionality is too powerful. Most people got satisfied in PS chat level so it kinda prevent our community from growing. (3) It become too hard to advertise since Sony has close