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1st Place Double Final Score Event & Gem Cost Reduction
Hello, it's AEG Admin.
For the last sessions of the pro league games (SAOFB Avatar and Kandagawa Jet Girls), we will double the final score given to 1st place player only.
For example, you normally get 5 final score when you got 1st place for each session. But with event, you will get 10 in the final sessions in next 1~2 weeks.

Also please note that our gem cost to unlock the 5 stars contents has become cheaper by 33%. 150 to 100 gem. And also minimum word count requirement to be 5 stars un
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Skill Amplication vs Extra Skill Damage
In short, having higher "defense" and "skill damage reduction" will decrease incoming damage from enemy's "Skill Amplication".

However, no matter how much "defense" point you have, it will not protect you from enemy's "extra skill damage" ("extra skill damage" is something like true damage or flat damage). What protect you from "extra skill damage" is "skill damage reduction". Checkt the formula at [url=https://eternalreturn.fandom.com/wiki/Formulas]https://eternalreturn.fandom.com/wiki/Formula