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Let's be honest here
Winter is just starting now in the northern hemisphere. Wasn't even that cold in December.

[Image: https://i.imgur.com/xKNxfyp.jpg]
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Persona 5 who's better
IWho do you think is best girl in persona 5 cause I think it's Guyana Sakura is best girl
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What's up guys
Yo what's up everyone. PSN is ZedShiryuu, shoulda done this sooner. But here I am! Glad to be apart of this community and thanks for the invite, Esports. Can't wait to game with everyone. Not the best at any game, but i'll be glad to help out where I can or if I know them, point out someone who can assist.
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Jotaku's characters

I do not care Code Vein level of the graphic but...
This game really need to add more customizable things =.=
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Okage: Shadow King & Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil
These we're two games I can remeber playing other than LEGO Star Wars and Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom.
Sadly I couldn't beat Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil because a certain level would freeze the game Sad 
Still haven't beaten Okage: Shadow King, been re-released for PS4 but nothing much changed graphic wise
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[PvP Guide] How to stop a Ghoul's Awaken State/Rampage State
How to stop a Ghoul's Awaken State

By throwing CRc Gas in the Area, any Ghoul that is currently using their Awaken State will automatically lose it, however depending how long it was run they will still have some left over.
Once they are out of the CRc Effect Area they can use it again (if their Awakening Gauge is 99% full they just need to fight for a bit to max it out)

[size=medium]The known Quinques that uses CRc
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How to dodge Kishou Arima's lightening bolt, and special moves?
When you play ghoul or premade anime characters, just press only dash button, then your character will backflip. 
This backflip has 100% chance to evade all incoming attacks.

Unfortunately, all custom CCG characters can't use it, but premade anime characters like Haise can do it.

Also, there is a small chance to be immune to special move's stun effect, you just use skill at the same time your enemy performs special move.

Also, getting into awakening mode will provide you immunity against such
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How to dodge CCG's dropped grenade in PvP for ghouls players
Just press dash before explosion, no need to backflip.
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Oculin's Jet Machine Builds for Orcano and Tamakaze
Jotaku asked me to post what my current Jet Machine builds are for the races I used in PvP. They're nothing fancy and likely will change in the near future. With the exception of Underground, my goal is to maximize Speed and EPD gain. I use Kuromaru Manpuku for my Shooter since her special trick gives an EPD A boost. 100% EPD special gives the extended boost, which I rely pretty heavily on.

Orcano - This Jet Machine became almost exclusively for Underground Tunnels since it has good ha
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What's the difference between all Kanekis?
I know that OG and :re have different move sets and what not, but is that really all there is to it? Like I'm pretty sure that black reaper and goat kaneki have the complete same moveset, special move, and awakening. Correct me if I'm wrong guys.