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Senran Kagura OST (Best Personal)
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Senran Kagura 7EVEN Latest News!
From what I have gathered, Sony is directly funding Senran Kagura 7even (SK3) making the "Only on PlayStation" label absolute.

On one hand if Marvelous defies Sony's terms in any form, they will defund the project in a heartbeat.

On the other hand if Marvelous decides to comply, there is a good chance that we might get it before year's end.

Latest news updated at https://www.animeesports.com/Thread-Senr...itle-Girls-
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We need Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash 2
For last few years I have played all anime games that includes team-based PvP, that are Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, Black Clover: Quartet Knights, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, Fate Extella Link and also recently purchased Gundam Versus but I will exclude this one in this post because it is more likely mech game than anime game.

To tell the only fact, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet (FB) has the most population if you look for the anime games that has population to play with. It is ma
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Senran Kagura 7EVEN got official subtitle "Girls' Happiness", and its latest news!
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/YHbyxTf.jpg]

The full title is "Senran Kagura 7EVEN Girls' Happiness", or it would be something similar to that.
Price is not decided yet.
On which platform will it be released is not decided yet. However, there exists high possibility that PS4, PC, Switch version will be released. However, PS4 version may be excluded.
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Senran Kagura Girls in Phantasy Star Online 2

Hello, if you are interested in both Senran Kagura and PSO2, you might want to check 

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Senran Kagura: Estival Versus' DLC removed from the market

It is said that Senran Kagura's DOA-related DLC will be no longer available.
It looks like a DLC related to appearance.
Of course it's not a good news. For conjecture reasons, if DOA's character appears in the Senran Kagura game, which was expelled from Sony, TECMO who created the DOA may have judged that the image of DOA game brand could be deteriorated. So, the license may not have been extended, or it may just be because there was
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Looking for senran kagura peach beach splash multiplayer friends
As we know the senran kagura peach beach splash multiplayer system doesn't allow you to play with higher ranked players on ranked match, it is essential to play custom global match instead, so i need a group that play it. If you are interested in, please do play with us.

If you are up for this, please comment below with your PSN ID so that I can add you into special custom list to contact!
Or you can add "AEG_Jotaku" on psn but when you add please say that it is about playing senran kagura peac
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Recent News about Kenichiro Takaki (Senran Kagura, Kandagawa Jet Girls Producer)
Cygames and Kenichi Takaki (Producer of Senran Kagura, Kandagawa Jet Girls) announced that they are working on creating a new game and is yet called "Project GAMM".
What they say about its core is as follows:

  • Game is a multiplayer focused
  • It is a fantasy game
  • There is PvP
  • It's not yet revealed that it is an anime game
  • It's not yet known to be mmo, or just online, or package type of buy-to-play game.

Well, as I stated in [url=https://www.animeesports.c