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Tip on Shield Matrix (PvP Guide)
I might be wrong but to me Shield Matrix level 2 heals less HP than Shield Matrix level 3, however Shield Matrix level 3 has an explosive attack at the end.

The problem comes after the explosive attack, at it makes you vulnerable to attacks. (Seems like explosive attack occurs upon holding the skill for about 3 seconds)
So instead of doing the full skill, cancel it before the explosive attack and quickly dash left or right.

Im not sure how much damage the explosive attack does, I w
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Beyond the Screen: Rise of the Shield Hero Manga After Anime

Hey, kawaii companions! For all my fellow "Rise of the Shield Hero" fans, I have a super fun question! So, after the anime ends, where does the Rise of the Shield Hero manga take us? What super cool plot twists, character changes, or wowza moments happen? Does the manga add more sparkles to our anime understanding? Share your super fun thoughts, and let's go on this mega manga journey together, okay? Yatta!