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How to shot ranged needle while locking the target?
[Video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/610654852]

Anyone knows how to shot ranged needle while locking the target? like shown in the video around 01:56:27 in the video, against cpu Arima?
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How to make weapon color not show when using debuff/shot skill
Certain skills like Blaze, Stun, Poison, Skill Freeze Shot etc. cause your weapon to change color, so the opponents will know what your about to do and try to avoid the shot.

Right when your about to use the skill press L2 and the skill. If done correctly it should not do an animation.

You can also use the skill, jump then dash but might not work all the time.
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One Shot Sniper Build (Contest Submission)
[b][i]Hello everyone the build I have for you today makes use, neigh focuses on an underrated and thought to be trash weapon that I and a few others believe to be the second best weapon of its weapon type. The main weapon of this build and the weapon we hold to such high acclaim in none other than the "AMR Breakthrough 4", a sniper rifle with an amazing 12,200 base weapon damage and 400% weak spot damage, an average 150% base criti