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Jason IV elite skill spec?
I don't own Jason IV elite skill yet, but I checked youtube video.
It looked like AWK duration 100% (double) and I couldn't see clearly another negative effect.

Is this AWK fillrate -70% or -20%?
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Can Owl Type-0 skill "ONE TIME REVIVAL" continue a rampage state?
I'm not sure how many know this but if you are awaken and you are using the ONE TIME REVIVAL skill, the awaken state will still persist (this including any TEMP attack and defense boost)

But will this also apply for a player in a rampage state? I think it would but currently unsure

UPDATE: 5/7/2021 added gameplay video

[Video: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hs7vUOZ8Vo0]
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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Kureha Elite Guide

Do you want to master Kureha? This guide will make you master Kureha by just reading it! You will just need to practice a little as directed in the documentation. It will help you save a lot of times.

Kureha has a rocket launcher which will CC your enemy with Plasma Burst, which let you make some beautiful combo upon successful CC, and some skills in each weapons that will boost your stats a little in offense and defense.

She is overa
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Skill that can help against certain sword skill(s)
While you could use skill freeze shot to disable the sword skills temporally and stops the cooldown from recharging, however I found some skill that can help during combat:
  • Scatter Wheel
You jump within the air while doing a spin attack, if preformed at the right time you might be able to avoid:

  • Vorpal Strike (If target is distant from you)
  • Sharp Nail (As long as they don't jump and use the skill)
  • (Currently have NOT been
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How to make weapon color not show when using debuff/shot skill
Certain skills like Blaze, Stun, Poison, Skill Freeze Shot etc. cause your weapon to change color, so the opponents will know what your about to do and try to avoid the shot.

Right when your about to use the skill press L2 and the skill. If done correctly it should not do an animation.

You can also use the skill, jump then dash but might not work all the time.
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Sword Art Online:Fatal Bullet Every Skill
Big thanks to R2X5kz for providing a lot of this information and helping format this sheet
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How do you improve your gaming skills?
In my case I play multiple different anime games competitively, I lack in time to practice. So using smaller amount of time to make my performance better is the most important to me.

Following is usually what I do when I want to increase my gaming skills
1. Do read guides by others
2. Practice as directed in guide, see any small increase in performance
3. Write my own guide to identify what I actually did which made that small increase.
4. Repeat the process, review the videos.
5. Once become p
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[v0.53.0/Duo/Fiora] Fully Skill Damage Fiora Build
This build introduces common way of using Fiora build and explains how to operate them in detail. This build focuses on maximizing Fiora's Touche effect. If you like hit-and-run type of play, this build is definitely worth a try. In addition, this build made me get into Immortal tier. During season 5 and by Feb 24th 2022, the build have been tested in Duo more than 50 matches and resulted in average 20% winrate (being top #1 team at the end) with comp
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[v0.54.0/Duo/Fiora] Skill Damage and Defense Focused Fiora Build
This build is a Fiora build that aims to inflict satisfactory skill damage to any type of enemy, provides a good level of cooldown time, and at the same time aims at a somewhat satisfactory tanking level. This build has the "Healing Reduction from Skills" trait, which gives you an advantage the longer the battles are. During season 5 and by Mar 16th 2022, the build have been tested in Duo more than 10 matches and resulted in average 10% winrate (being top #1 team a
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Skill Amplication vs Extra Skill Damage
In short, having higher "defense" and "skill damage reduction" will decrease incoming damage from enemy's "Skill Amplication".

However, no matter how much "defense" point you have, it will not protect you from enemy's "extra skill damage" ("extra skill damage" is something like true damage or flat damage). What protect you from "extra skill damage" is "skill damage reduction". Checkt the formula at [url=https://eternalreturn.fandom.com/wiki/Formulas]https://eternalreturn.fandom.com/wiki/Formula