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Author: Jotaku - Replies: 0 - Views: 1879
Life Steal Complete Explanation
You might wonder how life stealing work in this game in either one of followings:
(1) total HP I obtain from life stealing = amount of HP inflicted to enemy + amount of HP stolen (% of my base damage), or (2) total HP I obtain from life stealing = amount of HP inflicted to enemy + amount of HP stolen (% of enemy's entire HP), or (3) I only inflict my base damage, and I get my life healed by %??? (% of enemy's entire HP), or (4) I only inflict my base damage and I get my life healed by %??? (% of
Author: Jotaku - Replies: 1 - Views: 2309
Attack Speed vs Life Steal, who win?
If we assume that attack point, critical rate, everything are same only except attack speed and life steal stat of some 2 builds, and if those 2 fights each other as a duel, then a build with life steal usually wins a build with attack speed in Eternal Return.

However, there are more advantages of using melee speed over life steal. That is, it just damages faster, very effective against non-melee types such as types of bow, magician, etc. Since not all players use melee characters, there are st