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Hello Everybody! [I didn't know I had to do this]
Age: 20
Location: USA Eastern
Gender: Male

Hello everyone, name is Scoobert (Scoob for short)
Thank you for inviting me to the community, I hope to be useful here 

Currently: making animations off of FlipaClip and upload them to my channel. Hoping to be an otaku

Social Media accounts:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZKMMN7...57ncw2N6w/
Twitter: [url=https://twitter.com/Scoobert_2000]https:/
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[MUST CHECK] People who didn't get activation email after the registration!
We just have found that our email system went broken for some reasons... 
But now you can request new activation email in order to gain full services, posing on the website & accessing to limited contents available to registered users only!

Please log in with your account that has not received an email, then go to https://www.animeesports.com/member.php?...activation
And write down your email address and it
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The difference between T-Human & High Mind Limit
Although they both seem to act the same, T-Human & Higher Mind Limit are slightly different


[Image: https://i.ibb.co/mcfkk5j/ezgif-7-4666d8f390dd.gif]

  • T-Human can provide paralyze effect to a ghoul, if they keep getting hit over and over again or from a fully charge shot they will become paralyzed
  • T-Human provides less da
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Don't Forget Our Anime Esports Dream!
Don't forget our anime eSports dream!

Many people may ask us that, why anime games being eSports is the dream for anime fans. Thus, in this article we are going to talk about this.
Particularly this is not always correct answer especially for those who are regular fans of certain anime at moderate level, but is correct answer for those who are hard fans of certain anime, or for those who play not only PvE & Coop anime games, and also for those who plays non-anime co
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Don't use skills when they are refreshed/re-active once you used it
If you use a skill (Medkit for example) you would think that if you used it again it would refresh the duration, however this does not happen.

For some reason it doesn't effect the skill duration so if you use a certain skill and re-use it before the effect is over you may end up in combat while the effect is not active!

You can see what buffs/debuffs are in effect right next to your weapon icon bar.

Skill that you have to wait until effect is done

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Shouldn't we give more rewards to those who participate in multiple pro leagues?
My guess is that although it's shouldn't be too much reward but I think it's better to give +1 additional final score per each time a person, who is registered in multiple pro leagues, joins each section. Because I do think those kinds of guys largely contribute to the vital aspects of anime gaming, like TLG. 

How do you think about it?  Huh
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Why we don't set default jet ski rule in pro league?
Well, you might wonder why we don't set a rule like "all play default jet ski", because of following reasons:
1. There is no way we can check if a person really plays default jet ski with no options at all. Simply says, someone might be cheating. So unless the developer makes unique game mode like Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet's Hero PvP, which is equivalent to default jet ski in Kandagawa Jet Girls, I don't think it is an effective idea since we don't know who might cheat. Also there is no kic
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What would be more important than playing anime games if you want anime esports
At this point, I think the most important thing is that you want to surround yourself with people who are interested in making anime esports if your main interest is making anime esports.

I think making anime esports is not only about playing anime games with others or playing very well in anime games, but more importantly be with a group of people interested in such idea. 

Playing games, making videos, etc are just a component which makes those games active, but that certainly doesn't make an