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[Quinx, Iraft & Ukaku] CCG Tanker (not working due to no gamemode requires tanking)
THIS IS A BUILD FOR FUTURE PURPOSE. NOT REALLY WORKING WELL RIGHT NOW BECAUSE CURRENTLY NO GAMEMODE IN THE GAME REQUIRES TANKING. We will update the build if they add new game mode that tanking become necessary, like Overwatch or whatever objective game that requires others than just killing. 

A highly defensive build that can make some visible damage while having tremendous amount of sustainability
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[Battle Royale/Doomlight] Shielded Sniper



The build focuses on attacking distant opponents in a wide field using sniper weapons, while at the same time ensuring a win in 1vs1 dueling or small-scaled battles using Doomlight if you suddenly get caught up in a close-range fight.


  1. Cryo Gun may be replaced with Hydra Missile in the second half of the battle with less than 20 players remain
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[Battle Royale/Doomligt] Vehicle Combo



In battle royale genre, it is pretty hard to function as a tanker because it doesn't involve domination gamemode (Capture the Area), but purely free for all in a party set. Secondly, the map is huge, tanker is known to have slow mobility so that you won't probably even reach the area where teamfight is occurring in a time. This build guides you how to utilize heavy armed with slow mobility to mainly function as a tanker
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[v1.2.560/Juliette/Forward] Tanker Juliette
A Juliette build with enhanced Stagger abilities, specializing in smashing attacks. You usually don't die easily.


  • You can replace Perfect Form with your own choice.
  • Use "Flame Flurry" if 1) you think you can hit at least 2 of enemy, 2) the core is around your goalpost with lots of enemies and you need to defend, 3) vice versa case of previous use case #2, 4) If you are very