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[Quinx, Iraft & Ukaku] CCG Tanker (not working due to no gamemode requires tanking)
THIS IS A BUILD FOR FUTURE PURPOSE. NOT REALLY WORKING WELL RIGHT NOW BECAUSE CURRENTLY NO GAMEMODE IN THE GAME REQUIRES TANKING. We will update the build if they add new game mode that tanking become necessary, like Overwatch or whatever objective game that requires others than just killing. 

A highly defensive build that can make some visible damage while having tremendous amount of sustainability
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Defense vs HP+Defense, which is better for tanking? Is tanking useful?

The formula is the same as League of Legends i.e. def_multiplier := 100 / (100 + defense), meaning there's no dimishing returns but in terms of effective health; I recommend checking out this article https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/...king_Armor

The main difference is that Eternal Return has a lot of damage that ignores defense (extra skill damage, extra basic attack damage), which makes mixing HP+Defense (or sometimes just HP) much m