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Top eSports Teams 2021
As of June 2021, top eSports teams are
GoldenDragon [US],
WolfPack [EU],
... More in the ranking table above!

Are you looking for Top Esports Teams?
If you are looking for the public best esports team that anyone can join, rather than an esports team that only a few people can join like NRG or FaZe, you have come to the right place!

The above teams are the top Esports teams selected through the gaming competition of Anime Esports called AEG Pro League, and also some other leagues that t
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3 Esports Teams to Join in [current-year]
3 Esports Teams to Join in 2023

Esports is a term that only has caught on in recent years to describe the competitive scene of gaming. For many, this might still be hard to understand that people can play games professionally and make money. But with the rise of esports teams such as 100 thieves or team liquid, many have started to see this industry’s massive potential. But for many being a solo player is not a
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3 New Esports Teams to Join in [current-year]
3 New Esports Teams to Join in 2023

Sometimes you have the skills but lack the required experience in order to be accepted in highly established eSport teams. This can turn into a potentially distressing experience when you are straightaway rejected for your application. However, there is no need to worry as there are many eSport teams out there accepting experienced but newbie gamers like you. Check out these