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Emai & image test
Emai & image testEmai & image testEmai & image testEmai & image testEmai & image testEmai & image testEmai & image test

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How to test pure damage of burning by fiery weapons?
[Video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/641756852]

Only wanna check the pure damage of fire inflicted by fiery weapon but not sure how to test.. 
maybe only possible way to measure it is killing a boss with only melee damage of fiery weapon and compare it to other non-fiery weapon with similar speed against a same boss by meleeing only? subtract the times spent on both weapons and probably the final value is the gap in seconds representing the difference in damage?

Please let me know
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Let me know if you ever play "Star Maidens Chronicle: Definitive Edition" to test multiplayer
[Image: https://www.project-ynp.com/main/wp-cont...le04-2.jpg]

Hello, if you ever happen to play Star Maidens Chronicle: Definitive Edition, please let me know because I really want to test this anime RTS game out if its multiplayer working!