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I found 1 useful case of using Ukaku<Leap>
Use it to heal yourself by knocking down chasing enemy with ranged attack lol
It worked against Trap in Kaneki sometimes so it will probably work sometimes.

I don't see its particular use in offensive action because its ranged attack damage is so low and also knocking down makes enemy temporarily un-vulnerable.

CCG Tanker build worked better with Ukaku<Leap> than Ukaku because it has to have a way to survive when HP is too low as it is tanking build. Ukaku didn't make me successfully run
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How to make weapon color not show when using debuff/shot skill
Certain skills like Blaze, Stun, Poison, Skill Freeze Shot etc. cause your weapon to change color, so the opponents will know what your about to do and try to avoid the shot.

Right when your about to use the skill press L2 and the skill. If done correctly it should not do an animation.

You can also use the skill, jump then dash but might not work all the time.
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What is your reason that makes you avoid using a forum in 2021?
During early of 2000's, actually forum was the best software when it comes to forming an online community.
Lots of people discussed on various topics, sharing each ideas. Sometimes it went insanely long discussion.

However, as time goes by, Facebook and Twitter happened to emerge around the late of 2000's, killing lots of forum websites.
And then around 2015, real-time application like Discord happened and even more killed forums. I am very unsure what will be coming next after Discord.

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Why is it difficult to make an anime games post using semrush?
Hello... Again I'm here for talk with everybody...
In this case, I'll explain some... things that I think are really important...because after this could be more post related to this topic.



[size=small][font=Verdana]Then... while I w
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(Uncompleted) How to play Onmyoji Arena on PC using Controller while Livestream
What you get for doing this
1. No need to buy expensive phone for mobile gaming.
2. Easier way to livestream than using a phone.
3. Access both PC and mobile games.
4. 50~60 FPS while livestream, or even better depending on your PC budget.
5. Multi-tasking. You can watch youtube, web browsing, etc while queuing.
6. Provide better quality to your viewers on Twitch/Youtube as livestreaming tool on PC gives you so many options.

Will I get banned for using BlueStacks?
I'm not sure, bu