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very busy until 19th
then I will make lots of updates on website and discord and advertisement.
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How to dodge dropping nade, very useful technique in PvP
If you play CCG, you can dodge as soon as throwing gadgets so that it drops exact location you were before dodging. This is very effective in any kinds of close fight. Plus the ending result is that you have chance to make an attack and enemy get staggered by your dropped nade after your dodge.
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How to melee lock, very useful technique in PvP (with video)
[Video: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XF1I-fgyXHQ]

Melee locking provides you to continuously melee your enemy while making your enemy uncountable.

1. Lock target first
2. Melee, then quickly jump
3. Repeat #2 until your enemy dies.

One caution is that if your enemy is pushed back to wall, then melee lock won't work.
For this reason, we highly recommend you use ultimate Asuka. Her melee won't push your enemy back.
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Eternal Return: High Possibility But Unbalanced. Still One Best Anime PvP Games 2022
This game is quite meaningful and fun in a way that it is made with an unique view among many anime games: orthogonal camera view. As of 2022 February probably this is only the anime game providing orthogonal view like RTS games. Most anime games provides perspective camera view which is used for FPS or TPS games in order to let players look closely their kawaii anime characters. In a such viewpoint, this game is quite unique.

About difficulties, League of Legends splits players into 2 teams (1