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Tokyo Ghoul Re Call to Exist vs Code Vein - Honest Compare
Because so many Youtubers give negative reviews on this game, I wanted to write about personal review upon TG:CTE (Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist). 

Most of Youtubers simply discourage people from buying TC:CTE by saying that TG:CTE has PS2 old graphic. But it is fact that there are still more things to consider than just graphic when to evaluate the game.

I will compare this game to Code Vein so that you will understand more if you played Code Vein already. I played both of them.

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Anyone up for Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxiboost On?
[Video: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBvYIGzos2w]

why not 3vs3 or more massive, but only 2vs2.. kinda disappointing
Anyways, just wonder if anyone gonna play this, releasing July 30th, 2020?
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Does anyone have Accel World vs. Sword Art Online?
Is it fun game in terms of PvP?
The game doesn't look like making good amount of selling according to Accel World vs. Sword Art Online
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GeForce vs Radeon lol

Why we should buy Radeon over GeForce?
Because AMD officially (?) supports anime Heart

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Steam Deck vs Nintendo Switch
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/nL0PpnH.jpg]

Ok, Valve (Steam) is launching a new handheld console that runs PC games in 2022 February for 399 USD.

It has a linux OS named Steam OS (alternative to Microsoft Windows), so you can browse many websites using Google Chrome. On linux, there are many tools you can use for free such as LibreOffice (Microsoft Office alternative), Kdenlive (Video editing tool like Adobe Premiere). Then what's the difference between this Linux thing and Windows? Well,
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Attack Speed vs Life Steal, who win?
If we assume that attack point, critical rate, everything are same only except attack speed and life steal stat of some 2 builds, and if those 2 fights each other as a duel, then a build with life steal usually wins a build with attack speed in Eternal Return.

However, there are more advantages of using melee speed over life steal. That is, it just damages faster, very effective against non-melee types such as types of bow, magician, etc. Since not all players use melee characters, there are st
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Defense vs HP+Defense, which is better for tanking? Is tanking useful?

The formula is the same as League of Legends i.e. def_multiplier := 100 / (100 + defense), meaning there's no dimishing returns but in terms of effective health; I recommend checking out this article https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/...king_Armor

The main difference is that Eternal Return has a lot of damage that ignores defense (extra skill damage, extra basic attack damage), which makes mixing HP+Defense (or sometimes just HP) much m
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Skill Amplication vs Extra Skill Damage
In short, having higher "defense" and "skill damage reduction" will decrease incoming damage from enemy's "Skill Amplication".

However, no matter how much "defense" point you have, it will not protect you from enemy's "extra skill damage" ("extra skill damage" is something like true damage or flat damage). What protect you from "extra skill damage" is "skill damage reduction". Checkt the formula at [url=https://eternalreturn.fandom.com/wiki/Formulas]https://eternalreturn.fandom.com/wiki/Formula
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What should I use between 4vs5vs6 paths builds for solo/duo/squad?
For solo, since you play alone, there is no limitation on path. You can take as many paths as possible since no one will chase you or your ally as a team. The risk for going as many paths as possible totally depends on you. Also there are meta builds that takes 6 paths for solo mode as well.

Usually 5~6 path builds are more well-balanced than 4 path build. Then, is it better if I take 5~6 path build, like always?
[b][color=#FF4136]It depends on the performance of the 4 path build. If you can ma
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What should you focus between animal vs PvP?
Maybe you want to more focus on animals whenever possible while not doing PvP. PvP only gives you better item when you killed an enemy with better item than you, but that will not happen always, and is also harder. Strangely for this PVP game, killing animal is more effective way than PvP in terms of increasing your levels and weapon levels currently.  And these levels and weapon levels are as important as getting good items. That's why you cannot always focus on PvP since "givin