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We need Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash 2
For last few years I have played all anime games that includes team-based PvP, that are Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, Black Clover: Quartet Knights, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, Fate Extella Link and also recently purchased Gundam Versus but I will exclude this one in this post because it is more likely mech game than anime game.

To tell the only fact, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet (FB) has the most population if you look for the anime games that has population to play with. It is ma
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Thought we were in trouble there for a second | Code VEIN
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Shouldn't we give more rewards to those who participate in multiple pro leagues?
My guess is that although it's shouldn't be too much reward but I think it's better to give +1 additional final score per each time a person, who is registered in multiple pro leagues, joins each section. Because I do think those kinds of guys largely contribute to the vital aspects of anime gaming, like TLG. 

How do you think about it?  Huh
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Why we don't set default jet ski rule in pro league?
Well, you might wonder why we don't set a rule like "all play default jet ski", because of following reasons:
1. There is no way we can check if a person really plays default jet ski with no options at all. Simply says, someone might be cheating. So unless the developer makes unique game mode like Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet's Hero PvP, which is equivalent to default jet ski in Kandagawa Jet Girls, I don't think it is an effective idea since we don't know who might cheat. Also there is no kic
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Is this eSports website growing? Do we have to quit the dream about anime eSports?

As of April 2021, not yet, it is yet quick to quit such great dream. The website is first created around 2019 and yes, it is slowly growing as its graph shows. This is the graph about monthly user amount who visits the website from 2019 January to 2021 April.

But recently we are experiencing huge decrease in total users due to our main advertising mean, the all PS community has been removed by Sony's new update. They terminated Senran Kagura series and now even community.

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We will continue AEG Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Avatar Pro League
As many stated and advised, we will continue AEG Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Avatar Pro League!
One difference is that we will utilize kick function in order to ban cheating players, and also please report cheaters in this forum if you ever caught them.
Thank you very much.
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What if we create group power leveling/Item Farming schedule?
Currently, many anime games are being developed in the form of MMORPGs. For example, Blue Protocol is.
Therefore, even if there is PvP content in the anime games we play, leveling and item farming will inevitably become essential elements to become strong in PvP as the most MMORPG requires leveling and item farming. For example, Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet avatar mode does, and also Kurtzpel does. They both requires leveling and farming. I am unsure of Project GAMM and Blue Protocol, but perha
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Can we move sao:fb avatar pro league time to Sunday 9PM ET/6PM PT?
Hi, one person in this community strongly suggested me that if we can move currently Saturday's avatar pro league time to Sunday 9PM ET/6PM PT.
If you are not ok with this time, please do reply here, thanks. 

Having more than 1 negative answer will result in cancelling in time change because the person who requests is 1 person as well.
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How do we open a pro league for battle royale genre?
Well, I would like to open a pro league session for battle royale game named Super Mecha Heroes, but no idea how to open it.
All you can do is to invite friends prior to game start. We might play together as a squad and score each pro league applicant based on the score shown at the end of the match, like giving doubled score if our squad got in top 3 or something. Or, simply play team deathmatch mode instead.

But the most problem is how to rotate each applicants to play with. Because all we ca