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Difference in dash between light and heavy weapon
If you use dash with light type weapon like dagger, ginkui, you would get damage and get CCed while dashing. 

If you use heavy weapons for dash like greatsword, you neither get damaged nor CCed while dashing (actually rolling), just like backflip.
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How to throw away weapon items?
I feel like sometimes I don't need obtained items, how to throw it away fastest way?
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[NA/PS4] Z type weapon help needed - sword art online fatal bullet multiplayer
I am a level 185 looking for strong players to assist me in my z type missions i am able to make it to the NPCs solo but i am a healer/reviver so i can only do so much my nane is ZeroTwoSenko on ps4 mesdage me directly if you arr willing to aid me pls and thank you ^^ ~<3 mic id optional as i do not own one currently Big Grin
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How to quickly get Weapon ult (co-op/TDM)
When a player applies a buff to themselves/teammate or a debuff to an opponent a medal will appear on the top left screen, if two players are quickly pressing Triangle to encourage this will fill up the medal bar quickly also including your weapon ult!

In co-op however you will lose the weapon ult if you get down.

Also I think that within PvP weapon ult duration are reduced much shorter than in story mode/co-op
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How to make weapon color not show when using debuff/shot skill
Certain skills like Blaze, Stun, Poison, Skill Freeze Shot etc. cause your weapon to change color, so the opponents will know what your about to do and try to avoid the shot.

To removed the color on the weapon all you need to do is make your character do a rolling animation or were they do the animation of hitting the ground hard.

Right when you are about to hit the floor use the debuff/shot skill and if timed correctly your weapon should remain normal with the debuff/shot ready!
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Each character has their own weapon memory chip
I'm not going through all of them but if you want to see the weapon memory chips just press square on the character you have selected, this should show you their stats, keep pressing square until their weapon stats are shown (they'll be one per page).

For example Kureha has auto-reload rate for her Deneb Kaitos (Rocket launcher) sometimes giving her six shots before reloading instead of three

As for Kirito he deals additional damage if he hits a player behind and when HP is low, but Kiriko
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Double Weapon Usage Trick
When your gauge is full and you have a weapon, and there is an enemy behind you, then first you can shot the enemy behind and then you use ultimate skill of that weapon that costs gauge as soon as you used it to enemy behind.

This trick works the best with rocket launcher the most, because it just lock down your enemy by one hit, and it has range, and ultimate skill goes front side permanently until it hits your enemy in front, like a guided missile.