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Website UI Updated
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/0vcOUap.png]

Website UI has been updated like above. 

If you can't see like above, make sure in your browser's setting (if chrome), find out for "clear browsing data", then check "cached images and files", then delete, then refresh the page.

Thank you very much.
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Website Feature Update
Hello, we have updated the website.
If you see duplicate profile images, please make sure you need to remove cached images in your web browser's setting.
It should look like following image. 

Thank you very much.

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Website Function Update (Profile Banner)
Hi. Thank you for using the AEG website.
As of today, the Profile Banner feature is added. Please note that you can make your own profile pretty.

In the future, with regard to personal profiles, many features will be added, mainly focusing on advertising your profiles and functions. 

You can check a sample profile banner at this page. You can have GIF banner.


Thank you very much for using the AEG website.
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Website function update & plan
Hello, AEG members!
Now you can set up country flag that will appear besides your name.
You can set it up in user cp.

As for plan, our community will more focus on creating decent builds, guides from now on, along with pro league that can utilize those builds and guides. 

The current goal of the community is to create the one of best anime gaming communities for all anime games, especially Moe Moe Kyun games.
We desperate
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Website Badge update and plan
Hello, always thanks for your interests in AEG.

Following badges are implemented (actually there are more):

They will be given automatically by the website system to users when each users satisfying specific conditions for obtaining badges after X days from the time a user posted own builds/guides/team comps. (X days will be determined later, but it will be very likely between 10~20 days. This time is needed to rate user's post by as many as users possible).

In order to check
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Is this eSports website growing? Do we have to quit the dream about anime eSports?

As of April 2021, not yet, it is yet quick to quit such great dream. The website is first created around 2019 and yes, it is slowly growing as its graph shows. This is the graph about monthly user amount who visits the website from 2019 January to 2021 April.

But recently we are experiencing huge decrease in total users due to our main advertising mean, the all PS community has been removed by Sony's new update. They terminated Senran Kagura series and now even community.

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The website of Project GAMM has opened!
Hi guys, Producer Kenichiro Takaki and Cygames have opened the website for their new anime game project, Gamm has opened!

The website supports both the English and Japanese. Usually, Takaki-san working under Marvelous he didn't support english at core level. Than means, English version of his games always released a lot later than Japanese release. Also there was no global server where any people in the world could play together. This was crucial to anime
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Hi guys~ If you came to this website via Google Search, please see this!
Hi guys, since we lost our PS community which was our main resource that advertised this website since Sony decided to terminate PS community service, I really want to see that if there are any anime people who found this website through Google search (or any other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc). For that reason, currently we are mainly focusing on Google search visibility.

If you came to this community via Google or any other search engines, please reply in this thread and say me hello
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Website Function Update
Hi, we have made following algorithms on sorting contents of 5 stars meta builds/pro guides.

1. 5 stars meta builds/pro guides contents with word count less than 500 will be free automatically unless you hide them using [hide] tag.


2. On main page, 5 stars meta builds/pro guides will be randomly chosen. You will see they differ at every page load.
3. Now users can view what kinds of and how many supporting materials such as number of images/videos/files in payable cont
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Now I am reckoning why people would even visit a website like this
People visit gmail to check email.
People visit gematsu to get latest info about anime games.
then what about this website

Probably finding these answers and develop new contents around them is what we need to focus on

Things I have observed why people visit website like this and join the event
1. to clarify/know who are top players of blah blah anime games
2. to play multiplayer since it's hard to play multiplayer for anime games
3. to find guides/builds but I think this is one of the least r