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Easy eSports to Win
As of April 2021, AEG Pro League is the easiest eSports tournament to win in the world.

What is the advantage of participating in easy eSports?
Usually following reasons: making it easier to receive rewards, Easier to populate your livestream, and the likelihood of being sponsored. It is simply more profitable to win an easier league than to drop out of the big leagues and eventually have nothing left.

Normally AEG Pro
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Easy eSports Games
The main factor in determining whether it is an easy esports game or not is that a person in the bottom spot of a league with a high competition rate will be able to get to the top spot when challenging a league in another game, that is, when it is easier to win compared to other leagues. We define it as easy esports games.

Why should you try easy esports games while giving up higher rewards from more competitive leagues? Of course, if you try to win a tournament of a game that is too easy or a
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Attack Speed vs Life Steal, who win?
If we assume that attack point, critical rate, everything are same only except attack speed and life steal stat of some 2 builds, and if those 2 fights each other as a duel, then a build with life steal usually wins a build with attack speed in Eternal Return.

However, there are more advantages of using melee speed over life steal. That is, it just damages faster, very effective against non-melee types such as types of bow, magician, etc. Since not all players use melee characters, there are st