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Senran Kagura OST (Best Personal)
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Best Map to fight Ken Kaneki -Centepede- Accomplish No. 92/184
Ranked Best to Worst:

Ken Kaneki -Centepede- may not allways spawn, if this happens restart the map or try a different map, you also need to be the one to kill him
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[Investigator/Quinx] Best PvP Range Weapons
NOTICE: Skill sets can be changed to your liking.

If you want to use a Range Weapon and Melee attack go here: Gunner Build

[color=#aaaaaa][size=medium]If you are running Ukaku for Quinx and want more Range Attack Damage go here: [url=https://www.
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Best skills and how to unlock them
So i just got the game on PS4 last week and i just beated the recollections mode and started the CAC mode. Can someone help me with a few questions?

1- I been wondering what are the best generic skills and how to unlock them?
2- Is there a better kagune to use for ghouls or quinx(PVE mostly right now)? And quinques too? If someone can also tell me the ways to unlock them, would be good Smile
3- I also noticed some achievements need to clear the campaign "X" times, so i been wondering if this c
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Best farming missions for materials?
I want to know which are the best missions to farm materials both for ghoul and quinque ones. 
I'm still a few levels away(3) to unlocking hard mode, but does it affect drops? Or what does it change exactly?

Thanks in advance to everyone who helps
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Best Anime Games of All Time (Rated By Anime Fans)
We provide ranking information of the best anime games of all time that are rated by many anime gamers for the best fairness, instead of providing an individual's subjective thoughts and opinions. We provide ranking information for 100 anime games above.

Table of Content
  1. Best Anime Games of All Time
  2. Best PvE Anime Games of All Time That Include Coop
  3. [jump-t
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Best Sword Art Online Game
Are you new to Sword Art Online games, but having a problem which to buy?

If you google with a keyword like "best sword art online games", all the answers you get are something like "Depends on your taste", "It depends".
We don't think these are helpful answers.

However, statistics and data always show the truth. In this document, we won't give our own personal opinions and personal recommendation to each of SAO games. We only look at the data which would prove what is real "best sword art onl
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Best of Mumeii 2018 The Legends
[Video: https://youtu.be/imgXOEEV8Ds?t=88]

He killed all 3 people starting at 1:28, one of deads is actually me lol
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6 Best Anime Based MMORPG of 2022
As of April 2021, best anime MMORPG games are
Kurtzpel (PC),
Genshin Impact (PC, PS4, Mobile),
Phantasy Star Online 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox),
Aura Kingdom (PC),
SoulWorker (PC),
Tower of Fantasy (PC, Mobile),

A List of Best Anime MMORPG Games
Here we cover Best Anime MMORPG games that keep updating, and released within 10 years.
The list is based on [url=https://www.animeesports.com/Thread-Best-Anime-Games-2020-2021-Ranked-Reviewed-By-Gamers--1188]Best An
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Do you think Discord is the best gaming tool?
I personally don't think Discord is the perfect tool for gaming (of course I don't think the forum software used on this website is also suitable as a gaming tool). The reason is that Discord's add-ons such as bots and roles are so powerful that you can't focus on gaming. Personally, playing with bots, chatting, and VC were more fun than gaming, so I spent more time there than gaming.

That's not all. See the disboard.org website. In fact, there are many servers that have