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[Investigator, Tsunagi <Plain> Ginkui <Mimic>] Gunner Build
Difficulty rating: Easy
(based on the amount of time and effort that is required to properly learn to play)

A well balanced build, allowing both Melee and Range Attack to be used in multiple situations

Ranged Weapon can be swapped to Hollow lll (Provides more Knock-back ability but holds less ammo)
You can also swap Tsunagi <Plain> for 
  1. Thinning ll (Skill: Reload reduction 80%)
  2.  Kura <Kou> (Skill: Wild Fire Range Attack Damage +150)
Canopy skills depend on what you want to use (Suggesting using both Ammo Capacity and More Ammo for both without reducing the range attack damage)

(OPTIONAL) You can swap out one of the Quinque to apply Random HP Upon Dealing Damage +35%
See it here:


Circle Attack for Ginkui <Mimic> uses more stamina but provides more range however Circle Attack for Tsunagi <Plain> uses less stamina

  • You'll use Canopy for when Ghouls are grouped together
  • Use Canopy and then Tsunagi <Plain> (Circle)
  • Remember not to use all of your ammo at once during a fight!
  • Press Square twice then Triangle to use Tsunagi <Plain> slash
  • You'll use Canopy when one of your team-mate's are in trouble, for example:
  • Team-mate's have low heath and are being chased by Ghoul(s)
  • Having Trouble Fighting/need an escape
  • The same technique from How to dodge dropping nade can also be done with Canopy
Once your out of ammo, you'll be stuck using Melee Attacks!
Koukaku can block your range attacks, and repeal them back at your team
Bikaku can latch on to you, stopping you from firing
Getting grabbed/counter attack




Request us to list your livestream officially in the document if you livestream this build! 3 people maximum per each build.
* Alternatively, you can also comment below with your Youtube or Twitch address.
* Thank you very much if you can rate the build by clicking stars above (near Thread Rating), and review the build by commenting below once you played it!

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