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quinx amp gt quell 13th jason ukaku lt leap iv
[Quinx, 13th Jason IV & Ukaku <Leap>] Quell
Difficulty rating: Intermediate
(based on the amount of time and effort that is required to properly learn to play)

A tank like build, featuring a longer awakening than the build: Bestir
At the cost of movement speed.

You can swap Awakening Fill Rate +160 for Awaken State Duration +10 (This will make your awakening fill rate +100%)
Bond of Friendship (Awakening Fill Rate +120 | Awaken State Duration +30 | -30 Defense) can be swapped for Awakening Fill Rate +120 (If kept as shown you will have a -30 defense)
You can swap 13th Jason IV for Bokusatu No. 2 a, this will apply the same effect however:
  1. You gain +100 Ult (L1 Button) damage
  2. Awaken Duration will be +30 (13th Jason IV Elite skill allows +100 Awaken Duration)
  3. -30 Awakening Fill Rate (13th Jason IV Elite skill has -20 Awakening Fill Rate)
  • Your Ukaku <Leap> triangle will fill it at a moderate pace, but don't overuse the ability! Combine it with your Scythe attack (press square twice then triangle)
  • Use Ukaku <Leap> Range Attack to stop a Ghoul from hitting you first, or to help a teamate thats being chased, or when you need to be healed/heal self
  • It's highly recommended to use your Temp. Attack and Defense boost along with the Awaken State, this will provide more damage. (Your Awaken State Duration is longer than the Temp Attack and Defense Boost [The duration of boost last 30 seconds]).
  • While your in your Awaken State, do the similar thing as before, if you continue with the square attack from the Scythe, this will send the Ghoul(s) flying away, wasting your Awaken Duration
Anything that can one shot you or getting countered by a group of enemys




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