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ccg dual deathmatch charger team
[CCG, Team Deathmatch] Dual Charger
(add an image of characters of all 4 builds and their symbolic class images later)

A balanced team composition that generally works. It best works in the game modes that count killing point as primary score for winning than objective game modes that require some tasks that are not about killing as primary score.

Front Line
[Quinx] CCG Lieutenant - Hybrid (Offense/Tank)

Front Line
[Quinx] CCG Lieutenant - Hybrid (Offense/Tank)

Mid Line
Field-Medic (PvP Build) - Support (Healer)

Back Line
[Investigator, Narukami & Demon] CCG Reaper - Defense (Sniper)

Front Line
Since this team comp best works in game modes that count killing score as primary without any objective, full tanker is not really required because they do not have viable damages to make killing score. Rather, having 2 of medium level of tankers with more offensive traits work much better in the game mode that requires killing point. Another reason why one person at the front line is not adequate is that, at least 2 people in front line are required in order to protect people in the mid and back line. Lastly, since there is no objective other than killing in team deathmatch, and this means that fight can happens at anywhere. So, in order to cover the wide range of the map, 2 kinds of medium level of tankers are needed. It is recommended to get around the map for this role.

Mid Line
A healer should be able to support from the rear of frontliners, and follow any one of them. The meta build used for this role is a healer with offensive traits so that you may sometimes fight from the rear as well. However, be careful when you get caught, do not try to fight but retreat because usually people who catch you are generally offensive types enough to make a kill.

Back Line
The player in this line should have strong damage that will snipe from the long range. However, also requires some way to retreat by yourself in order to defend yourself when you got caught suddenly.Healers may not care of you because they might be busy with supporting frontliners or fighting. Fotunately, CCG Reaper build can handle this.

Team comp optimized to ambushing from the backside with strong/skilled attackers. At the end only the frontline would remain when successfully countered.


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