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[Investigator, Narukami & Demon] CCG Reaper


An offensive build that mainly utilizes Narukami's loaded lightning bolts at maximum in PvP, with strong capability of special move that oneshot enemies.

1. Temp.Special, Special Move + 150%, Awakening + 120% can be replaced with Stamina Efficiency + 20% and 2 of Ranged Attack Damage + 100% for increasing 1vs1 dueling capability. The build in the picture is best optimized to team fight rather than dueling.
2. Change Demon Yamada to Taruhi and get balanced form skill. It will double all your damage only except special move and ranged rounded paralyzing balls, but make sure random or instant death may happen more frequently, especially against decent players who know how to dodge Narukami.

  • It is recommended to lock enemy when you charge lightning bolts.
  • Special move of Narukami has very long range in frontal side. Sometimes they makes lots of lucky shots even if you don't stagger them due to long distance. However, you also need to make sure that it has no range in left, right, and diagonal side.
  • If your enemy frequently dodges your loaded lightning bolts, there are 2 choices: (1). You may want to fake them. Something like you wait until their dodge action is done or just keep showing charging Narukami so they do nothing. In most case, they may want to get closer to you to hit and that's the moment you may want to release your loaded lightning bolt. (2). repeat dashing then firing ranged attack that paralyse your enemy. Upon the success of paralysis, you load the lightning bolt then shot.
  • When you retreat to heal yourself, use gadgets (use dash as soon as you try to throw gadgets).
  • Also make sure Narukami's normal melee attacks may paralyse along with ranged attack.
A build with fast speed. You miss your lightning bolts more often as they have more speed to move around.


TrapLord Gianni

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Is that what was used for last night PvP? O_O

(03-20-2020, 03:16 PM)Scoobert2000 Wrote:  Is that what was used for last night PvP? O_O

No. Actually, Taruhi will be changed.
With Taruhi against decent players, instance or random death happens way too much because of no sustainability.

The update has been done!

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