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alchemist amp nagomi investigator ß iv senza
[Investigator, Nagomi ß & Senza IV] Alchemist
Difficulty rating: Intermediate 
(based on the amount of time and effort that is required to properly learn to play effectively)

This build provides the ability to stop Ghouls from using their Awaken State, and even has a chance to take them down during Rampage!

  • Nagomi ß:
Can swap out Attack Damage +100 to keep health higher (If kept as show HP will be the same length as Stamina)
  • Senza IV:
Initial CRc Gas Quantity +10 can be swapped for CRc Gas Bast radius or CRc Gas Field Test

  • Start off with Nagomi ß first, when Ghouls are in the area use your special ability (circle) to set them on fire. Use Senza IV and then Nagomi ß to keep them aflame
  • When a Ghoul uses their Awaken State (they shouldn't have a grey flame around them) throw one CRc Gas, this will suppress the Awaken State
  • After pressing square 2-3 times, press triangle to use Nagomi ß again to set them aflame
  • If you set one or more Ghoul's on fire during rampage and they don't dash, there is a small chance for them getting killed. This also effect them if they are using a Super Attack
  • Use your Awakening Gauge when it complete full to unleash faster strikes, making it difficult to escape.
  • If necessary, use your super attack, any Ghoul hit by Nagomi ß during the Super attack will be on fire.
Any ghoul build that can one-shot with special move.





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