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Super Mecha Champions Battle Royale Guide for New Players
Better response on post Super Mecha Champions Battle Royale Guide for New Players
Based on the Steam version, released on March 25, 2021
In this guide will appear mostly tips about the gameplay of Battle Royale in SMC, since there are no rules that mark that what appears in this "guide" is what has to be done to the letter :v

Preparation for Departure
Before starting a game in BR (Battle Royale) regardless of whether it is solo or team, it is recommended that you prepare the following aspects:
  • Pilot(s) to Use
Since all pilots have different skills, the selection of the driver that suits your style of play is important since during the first minutes of the game you will not have a mecha with which to fight against other people; and selecting the right driver can make it easier for you to start the games. For example, if you are one of those people who are just getting used to FPS or BR, Ning is a good choice as a pilot, since it can mark the origin of the shots you receive for a few short seconds; but if you are one of those who go through the areas with a lot of movement between players, Rom can be more useful, since when killing a person you get a shield that can help you endure more fights between pilots (The shield only lasts a few seconds, so be careful).

In team mode, this aspect can be overlooked, since you can support yourself with your teammates and thus cover a little the weaknesses of each one.
  • Mecha(s) to Handle
This aspect is very important, for all game modes where you can make use of a mecha, since depending on your style of play and the development of the game some mechas may have more advantage than others.
In the solitary mode it depends more on the skill you have with your mecha, since the games are usually determined by who can best handle the mecha he chose (Usually you can choose the mecha with which you have practiced the most and thus ensure your victory). On the other hand, in the team mode the composition of the team is more important to be able to win a game; a team with only rank mechas, may be good at the beginning of the game, but as the map is closed they begin to lose advantage against those of medium and short range due to their low durability.
  • Modules and "Tech" of Mecha
One of the things that can make a noticeable difference in the handling of the wicks, is the configuration of the modules and the "Tech" that you have. Modules have different effects depending on the mecha, and there are three different types of modules: Attack Modules, Defense Modules and Evasion Modules, each has three different qualities (Green, Blue and Purple); make sure you read the information for each mecha module of your choice well, and configure the modules according to your play style. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the modules, there are the "Cores" in each mecha, of these there are only two (Core I and Core II) per mecha; these are the ones that have significant modifications for the mechas, and it is important to get them during your BR games, remember to read the information of each Core well to know which one best suits your style of play and thus look for it during the game.

Now, the "Tech" of the mechas, is a series of passive configurations that can increase some aspects of the mechas before each game; there are two types of "Tech" which would be Attack Tech and Defense, as the name implies each gives benefits to the attack and defense of the mechas. Each mecha can have a maximum of three "Tech" plans with a total of 6 of them (3 attack and 3 defense); make sure you read each of them well and place them in your plan so you can use it during games. It is very important to mention that these configurations can only be achieved through the level up, since each of the technologies is exchanged for a "Research Parts" when leveling up, be careful how you get the technologies.
  • Communication
In case you are going to play the team mode, it is recommended that you maintain good communication with your team; in case your team is a pre-made one (when you add them and they are in the same lobby) you can make use of the game's communication system or an external one like Discord, depending on you and your teammates.
In case your team is by pairing, try to make use of the warning signs of the game in order to maintain a good harmony with the team. It's always good to maintain good relationships within games, remember that no one wants to play alone forever, right?

During the Game.
  • Room Lobby
In SMC whenever you are going to play a game of BR, the system matches you and places you in a waiting lobby for the game (Room Lobby) in which you will have to wait 70 to 0 seconds to enter the meeting. In this room, you can see the players with the best skins of that room in the top of wicks and pilots; you can also see the descent route on the map, it is important that you decide carefully in which part you want to fall according to that route, in the event that you come with companions it is important to agree on where to fall to be able to collect loot fast.
  • Landing and Exploration
During your descent it is important that you check if you are going to fall only in the area you chose or if more players are going to fall with you (Alt + Mouse Movement) so that you can be aware of possible encounters early in the game, being thus important to get weapons to be able to defend yourself or to prepare to move to another area as quickly as possible if you are not confident with your skills or those of the rival. When you go as a team, the one who leads the fall must know how to position himself so that none of the teammates lose much loot at the same time that the others are checking if no more players fall and thus alert the others of the team.
Once you have collected your initial loot, it is advisable to move to another area to continue getting loot better and better, the loot can be divided into different types:
  • Weapons
Weapons are the main source of defense and attack of a pilot, so it is important to obtain them in order to survive the confrontations against the other players. Throughout the map you can get two to three different degrees of weapons going from Green, Blue, Purple and Yellow; each grade stronger than the previous one (Choose well the weapons that you will take to combat).While each player has different styles of play, it is important to learn how to handle all the different weapons to make the game easier for you depending on the different situations that may arise.
  • Equipment
The pilot's equipment are important pieces that favor the survival of the player, being three different types of equipment that can be found (Helmets, Armor and Leg Protectors) each with the three levels of quality: Green (Minor Bonus), Blue (Moderate Bonus) and Purple (Massive Bonus).
  • Modules
They are pieces that allow to improve the wick depending on the quality of each of the modules, being Green the lowest quality, Blue the intermediate level and Purple the best quality; remember that previously the modules were configured, that way you will know which module to give priority to get the purple color. Later there are the Cores, which are also important, since they give significant improvements to the mechas, depending on the number of the Core.
Before you start looking for a fight with your mecha against other mechas, I recommend getting Blue modules, since they are the intermediate level are ideal to start playing; but always remember to look for the best quality to win the game.
  • Items
The "items" are those consumables that we can find throughout the map, of which we can only carry a predetermined amount of each one; for example, you can only carry one "Mecha Reset", but you can carry up to 10 "Small Repairers". Remember that as they are consumables it is important to know when and in what amount to spend them, it is not good to run out of repairers for the wick or without cures for the pilot.
I recommend that at the beginning of the game you spend the "Chargers" to be able to call your mecha faster, and in case they destroy the mecha spend them again, to call it again in less time (As long as you have "Chargers" of course).
  • Special
The specials is an unofficial category for some Items of the game, in this I encompass those items or consumables that vary depending on the map, among them are: Deformed Car Blueprint, Quick-firing Gun Deformed Car, Basketball Launcher Deformed Car, Tennis Ball Launcher Deformed Car, Heat Detector, Icescreen Generator, Springboard, Minty Gust, Minty Gem, etc.
I should mention that if possible, use the "Mecha Charging Batteries", which are marked on the map and can help you decrease the waiting time only for the first call of your mecha, a good substitute for the use of the chargers at the beginning of the game. Consider that the start of the game is from the time you fall, until the first 10 players die (There are 90 people left).
  • Development of the Game and Map
For the development of the game it is important to go through different areas, while you are aware of the enemies around; in case one of the areas has a high density of people it may be best to retire to avoid dying in that area, although that depends on each player and each team. Teams with better communication usually seek to position themselves in specific ways so that they can kill others without losing team members.
During your exploration of the map, it is important that you move according to the zones that are outside the "Limit Zone", since it causes damage to the pilot and the mecha depending on which one you are using. In addition, it is important that you look for the "Advanced Resource Areas", since these usually have a more valuable loot than the others as well as having more loot.
You also have to look for the "Airdrops" that appear randomly on the map in two possible qualities Purple (Small) and Orange (Large) which have high probabilities of dropping purple weapons and valuable items such as Cores, although Cores and yellow quality weapons are more likely to appear in Large Airdrops.
Another of the things you have to look for during your games are the "Tactical Announcement Terminals", which can give you to choose between three passive skills randomly, making use of them can help you a lot in the games, and even if you do not occupy a terminal remember to warn your other teammates to use them. Each player can have a total of three Terminal skills, so choose the ones you like best or the ones that serve you best.
Now I will mention about the "Meow Mailboxes", which serve to save a certain amount of "Meow Tokens" and are located in different parts of the map, they can always appear randomly.
  • Pilot Combat
Since you can not always have your mecha ready to be called, it is necessary to know how to defend yourself as a pilot, to have used the weapons you are collecting; and depending on the situations is how some weapons can perform better than others. I recommend that you always have three different types of weapons, one to kill pilots or high cadence (Rifles, Pulse Rifles, etc.), a sniper to be able to attack at safe distances and an anti-mecha weapon (Grenade Launcher, Ion Cannon, etc.), in order to be able to defend yourself in three different scenarios.
It is also important to make use of the "Skateboard Blueprint" since they can help you move from one location to another thanks to their speed improvement, as well as the "Deformed Car Blueprint" that can help you attack both pilots and mechas and have more speed than a normal pilot; but be careful because if they destroy the "Cart" you can suffer damage, in addition to the enough that although you are driving the car, they can still kill you without destroying your tank, the Flamethrowers and the "Cyro Gun" are your greatest enemy.
  • Battles with Mecha
Combat with the Mechas is the strong point of the game, and it is important to learn how to use at least one mecha to be able to climb the rankings in a decent way; during the games the combats with mecha can be quite closed, but in order to get a greater advantage, the use of good modules and a Core can make the difference. Each mecha has weak points, in which by attacking them in that place you can do more damage than in the other parts, practice to be able to discover them all (Firefox is the only one that has a weak point in a large area :v).
Although the configurations can vary from mecha to mecha, remember to practice to improve your handling with the mechas, not always the modules and the Cores serve against the players, making use of the hands is also indispensable. Remember that each mecha specializes in some aspect, learns in that and explore it to the fullest.
As a recommendation, when you are fighting as a wick remember to move while moving or jumping, since otherwise you are only an easy target for everyone. Do not enter into solo battles against an entire team, even if you are good you can not always go 1 vs 3 (In case of being in the team mode). During the mecha fights it is not advisable to leave the mecha to avoid being destroyed, it is better to lose it than to lose the game, it is only a matter of fighting as a pilot Big Grin. Remember to make use of the different repairers, since having full durability before each fight can help you endure more, and this is marked more in the mechas with little durability.
Consider that the development of the game starts from the time there are 90 players left, from the time the first MVP comes out or from the time you change the starting zone; until there are 20 players left.
Closing of Game and Ace Time.
The end of the game approaches once the announcement comes out that there are 20 players left, and there can only be one play standing or one team left (In team mode, there have to be a maximum of three people left for you to take the victory).
During this last period it is recommended that you have your armor in the highest quality, the modules in the highest quality and good quality weapons if possible, since the last battles for victory will be played; winning the "Safe Area" is of utmost importance and this is achieved by being able to reach the center of the zone before the other players, so you can exert pressure against them and force them out of the safe zone (Causing more damage).
Once the last 10 players are standing, it is possible to get a "Victory" in the game, but this would only be in a technical way since this way you will ensure positive points for your league, depending on your performance will be the points you will receive.
Now the Ace Time,

(Me falta traducir lo demas 'v')
@Dvoramla thanks for the guide! i will read it thoroughly and reply, rate it later! wow the length is very decent...
[Image: Kureha-Signature.gif]
Very decent and long!
It's a basically a basic guide for newcomers, which is very good to them. I appreciate!
Just to add a bit more thing, I think it would be a little bit better to include
1) brief introduction about guns, in which cases what kinds of guns are effective,
2) Explanation of pilot and mecha mastery,
3) explanation of why there are 2 core slots (beginner usually don't know why there are 2 kinds exists but in inventory it shows only 1 core slot. Well, actually I did lol)

plus a link to our meta build page for players to recommend working builds?

Anyways, well done!
Thank you very much for the contest!
[Image: Kureha-Signature.gif]

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